Mkopa Lipa Mdogo Mdogo phones, are they good?


Mkopa is one of the companies in Kenya which offer smartphones on loan whereby people get the phones and pay for them mdogo mdogo.I have seen a number of my friends get the smartphones and to be honest they are of good quality.However,they are more expensive than phones purchased on cash.

You will find that the phone costs Ksh 15,000 in other shops but when you buy at Mkopa, the total cost is Ksh 20,000.This means that you will pay Ksh 5,000 more for the phone.

You will also use the phone and even if it’s stolen, you will still pay for it until you complete the payment. This is very painful for someone who didn’t use the phone after acquiring it on loan. It’s painful to pay for something you never used.

Mkopa phones are good for people with instant cash to buy a smartphone.Lipa Mdogo Mdogo will help you continue using the phone instead of saving to buy it in full amount.But for someone who doesn’t want to buy it expensively, just save and buy once from a reliable shop along Luthuli Avenue,Masoko or Jumia.

Another disadvantage of getting a phone from Mkopa is that they have limited you. Maybe you want a particular smartphone but it’s not available at Mkopa.You have to buy what they are offering.


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