Cost of building 4 bedroom flat roof house in Kenya


The cost of constructing 4 bedroom flat roof is Ksh 3.5 million to Ksh 8 million depending on the type of materials you’ll use. When you build a flat roof, you’ll save more than Ksh 500,000 as compared to building a house with normal roof. But one disadvantage of flat roof is that it may not capture rain water—you will have to rely on water from borehole or County.

Kenyans are nowadays excited about flat roof houses, at least every town has a couple of houses. In Nairobi there are estates you will visit and only see flat roof houses.

Here is the breakdown of construction costs:

Foundation—Ksh 600,000

Walling—Ksh 300,000

Floors and lentil—Ksh 800 million

Roof—Ksh 400,000

Labour—Ksh 500,000

Tiles—Ksh 500,000

Plumbing—Ksh 150,000

Electrical installations and wiring—Ksh150,000

Windows and doors—Ksh400, 000


Other expenses—Ksh 200,000

Flat roof will costs at least Ksh 4 million.

If you choose to use cheap materials, the cost will be as low as Ksh3 million.

Also, the cost of construction in Nairobi is higher than in other towns because of high cost of materials and labour.A house you can build for Ksh 3 million in Nakuru will cost you Ksh 5 million in Nairobi.


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