List of the Richest Preachers in South Africa 2023/2024


Below is the full list of richest preachers in South Africa 2023/2024

  • Pst. Alph Lukau; he is an iconic famous South African pastor with Congolese roots is known for his books and televangelism. Lukau is known to have luxurious vehicles, motorbikes, private jet and lavish houses which costs millions. He is the general overseer of the church he established the Alleluia Ministries International. In his ministry, miracles are always known to happen from people getting delivered, saved, healed and anointed/filled with the Spirit. Lukau is also known to have branches in other countries apart from the ones in South Africa. His net worth amounts to one billion USA dollars making him the first richest pastor in South Africa.
  • Prophet Shepherd Bushiri; many know him to be an anointed man of God with a net worth amounting to one hundred and fifty USA dollars. He is well known for his prophesies and attracting big crowds when he goes out for his ministry. Bushiri is the original founder of the Enlightened Christian Gathering Church (ECG). Bushiri net worth ranks him as the second richest pastor in South Africa. Bushiri is also known for his entrepreneurial skills apart from his ministry of spreading the gospel. He owns businesses in the agriculture, Education, Gold mines and telecommunications among other sectors. This man of God is also known for his flamboyant lifestyle having a fleet of luxurious cars, a jet which costs thirty seven million US dollars just to mention a few.
  • Brian Houston; He is the son to the founder of the Hillsong churches, when his father pastor he took over the ministry and helped it to grow. Hillsong is known all over the world and it has branches in different parts of the world including in South Africa. Brian’s net worth is estimated to be ten million US dollars that is for the South African church alone. The church has many assets including universities and music just to mention a few. He has however not been without drama, in the previous years he has been accused of taking alcohol and sexual harassment, infidelity on their leadership.
  • Roberta Lee Houston; She is among the female pastors in the Ministry in South Africa.  She is known for her word delivery and creating women conferences events in South Africa. Roberta Co-owns the Hillsong Church with the famous husband pastor Brian Houston. Roberta’s net worth is one hundred and twenty four million US dollars making her the third richest pastor in South Africa. Houston Churches has branches all the world and has previously been accused of various scandals, the church however is still strong and going.
  • Prophet Uebert Angel; he pastors the Good News Church and he is also known as the one who established it. Uebert net worth is seventy million dollars, his assets include TV stations, real estate, construction companies just to mention a few. Pastor Uebert is known to have created an organization that helps the needy children in the community with learning scholarships.
  • Pastor Ray McCauley; he is a former senior minister of the Rhema Bible Church. He currently is the president of the International Federation of Christian Churches and an author. Pst. Ray is also the co-chair of National interfaith council of South Africa. He has an estimated net worth of twenty eight million US dollars. Pst Ray does not show off his lifestyle but he sure is living a flamboyant life.
  • The Late Irene Tshifhiwa; She allegedly passed on in her sleep in the year 2018. Her net worth was estimated to be forty two million US dollars before her passing. Before joining the ministry she worked as a banker at the Standard Bank of South Africa. She was influential as a minister and many respected her in her country. Pastor Irene ministered with the Christian Worship Centre (CWC) she was also the founder of Venda Church in South Africa.
  • Dr. Andre Roebert; Andre is among the top richest preachers in South Africa, he has an estimated net worth of six hundred thousand dollars, among his assets are an airline, broadcast channels, real estate, printing company etc. he is a shrewd entrepreneur who has managed to grow his wealth over the years, which have turned out to give millions in profits over the years.
  •  Lesego Daniel; he is the founder of the Rabboni Centre Ministries. Lesego first came to fame after he was allegedly accused of feeding grass to his members. He has also been reported to use snakes in his healing and miracle services, the videos went viral on social media to approve the allegations. Despite all these the controversial preacher still has a big following. His net worth is not yet in public domain but his assets amount to over four hundred thousand US dollars.
  • Adam Johannes Jakobus Boshoff’s; he is known for his church Christian Revival Church which he established in 1994. Bishop Adams is known for displaying his luxurious lifestyle. He owns several latest expensive vehicles. His net worth is not exactly not known to the public, however it is deemed to be in millions of dollars. Apart from his main church, Bishop Adams has been able to open various branches across South Africa and even outside of the country. He is currently 60yrs old.  


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