How to become a millionaire quickly in Kenya


In Kenya you can become a millionaire by doing some investments but in most cases it takes decades for one to become one. Most people want to become millionaires quickly, if possible at the age of 30 and below.

To make money quickly and become a millionaire, do the following:

  • Win a political seat

Becoming an MCA, MP, Senator, Governor or any other political position will easily make you a millionaire. Contest and make you win. For instance, if you become an MP, you automatically start earning over Ksh1 million per month, you get access to tenders and also CDF funds.

  • Start a profitable business with high returns

Start a business like betting company, hardware or hospital which have high returns. Within 5 years you are a millionaire.

  • Real estate business

Start building houses and selling them, start buying and selling land. Real estate business if done right will yield good returns.

  • Win a tender

Start the business of supplies and tendering. If you win even one tender, you will become a millionaire. You may take even more than 1 year for you to win a tender but once you win one, you become a millionaire.

  • Offer mobile loans

Start an App for offering mobile loans. If you get approved by CBK,it won’t take you long before becoming a millionaire.

  • Start a business while young

While in college, thing of any business and get started, by the time you graduate, you have already understood how to operate a business. During this time, while young, you have time to make mistakes and improve where necessary.

The best age to start business is from 18 years to 30 years, this is when the mind is most innovative.

  • Invest your money in stocks

Buy shares and bonds. These two require a lot of money for you to make reasonable returns. If you have millions in your account, identify best performing companies where to invest, buy shares. Invest in government bonds. Within a couple of years, you will be earning millions.

Saccos are also good for investing your money.

  • Avoid alcohol, betting and women

If you get a job,if you start a business, avoid alcohol, gambling and women. If you indulge in any of these three,it will take you many years to realize your dreams. There are principles needed from one in order to become a millionaire.

  • Save and invest before spending your income

Adopt the habit of saving and investing before spending your income. This way, you will develop discipline which will enable you grow within a short period of time.

  • Take risks

Take risks such as venturing in businesses which other people fear to venture. Risky ventures often have higher returns.

If you start a business which everyone is comfortable to start, the competition will be stiff and you won’t earn enough profit to enable you become a millionaire.

  • Develop high quality networks

Associate with successful people, associate with millionaires who will help you learn how to create wealth and connect you to business opportunities. Avoid people who don’t help you to grow.

  • Live within your means

If you are making Ksh 300,000 per month, don’t rush to rent a house charging rent of Ksh 150,000 per month. Better stay in a Ksh30, 000 house and invest your monthly income to become a millionaire within a short period.

In Kenya, so many people miss the opportunity of becoming millionaires because they live beyond their means.


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