8 Best and most profitable Businesses to start with Ksh 5,000 in Kenya


There are 8 best and profitable businesses you can start in Kenya with as little as Ksh 5,000.This money will help you set up the business, grow it to become an empire. Here is the list:

  • Samosa, sausage,boiled eggs and smokies

Start the business of selling samosas, sausages, smokies and boiled eggs.The business will cost Ksh 5,000 and below. You will make Ksh 500 and above per day.In a month you will earn over Ksh 15,000.

  • Grocery shop

Start selling vegetables and fruits in your estate, it’s a profitable business. At first you don’t need a kibanda,you will build it later when you have made some money from your business. The amount required to start the business is Ksh 5,000.

  • Sell mandazi and chapati in your estate

Another booming business in estates is that of selling chapati and mandazi. You need less than Ksh 5,000 to set up to business. Daily profit is from Ksh 500.

  • Sell miraa and coffee

Jaba business is booming especially in Nairobi.Set up jaba base where you sell hot coffee,miraa and njugu.The business won’t disappoint you.

  • Hawking

Hawking business doesn’t require any license, you move around with your products to sell to clients.The capital required is Ksh 5,000 only.

  • Sell kienyeji vegetables

Kienyeji vegetable business is also booming in major towns and cities.If you are in Nairobi,this is the business to start.You can move around estates selling the same.

  • Sell Uji power

Men are drinking uji power like crazy to improve their prowess in bed.This is one of the best businesses to start at the moment.You need a capital of less than Ksh 5,000.

  • Start going live on Tiktok

Toktok is a place you can make a lot of money daily.Start going live and make up to Ksh 50,000 per day.You only need a phone with good camera and internet. You will be earning by getting gifts and sponsored videos.


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