How much is manual interlocking brick making machine in Kenya?


Makiga is one of the company’s manufacturing interlocking blocks. The use of interlocking blocks reduce the cost of constructing a house. The price of manual interlocking brick making machine is Ksh 100,000 to Ksh 120,000.The machine will make 400 to 500 blocks per shift which takes 10 hours.

You can buy the machine, make blocks and sell to your clients. In a month, you will make more than 15,000 blocks from one machine. If you sell one block for Ksh 30, you will make Ksh 450,000 per month from the sales.

If you want to save the cost of construction, use interlocking bricks. A 4 bedroom house will cost Ksh 500,000 less when you use the bricks.


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