Shocking! How Watu Credit tied a man on a Boda Boda with head facing down after failing to pay Loan


A man in Bomet County is in pain after she was mercilessly tied on a Boda Boda while his head was facing down. The company had given the man boda boda on loan to operate in Bomet.His business was good initially but over time, he was unable to get enough clients to enable him pay the loan.

Watu Credit called him several times, the man explained to them his predicaments. But the more he explained the more they didn’t appreciate his efforts. This week they decided to descend on him.More than 5 people from the company stormed where he was waiting for clients,they beat him before tying his small body on a boda boda.The man cried and called for help but nobody was near to help him.

Watu Credit left the man to die but fortunately, people came to rescue him.


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