Photo of Mulamwah’s village house which Oga Obinna described as useless investment


Comedian Mulamwah is building house in the village that will cost Ksh 12 million. The comedian has already spent Ksh 5 million in the construction, though the house is not complete. The mansion is located in Western Kenya.

While to him it’s a wise decision, for Oga Obinnah,it’s a dead investment.Obinnah claims Mulamwah should have instead purchased a plot in Nairobi and built a house where he spends most of his time.

Obinnah accuses Mulamwah of not seeking advice before building the house. He says the house will get old before Mulamwah enjoys it fully.

However,many Kenyans are of the opinion that it’s a perfect investment considering how noisy and uncomfortable Nairobi is to residents.

One of the opinions from Kenyans states:

“Obinnah has said Mulamwah wasted money building a very big house in the village, hata hangejenga. He’s laughed at the comedian for not using brain. Obinnah instead wished Mulamwah angejenga Nairobi mahali he spends most of his time.
One thing I know, there’s nothing as good as building a house in the village. I remember in 2007 there were people who had built houses outside their homes, zilichomwa. When they came in the village, they had nowhere to sleep.
In Nairobi you can buy land,build on it and after 7 years unaambiwa umejenga kwa shamba ya sewage.
When you hit 50+ village becomes more comfortable than town. People in this age bracket prefer an environment without noise, where they can do farming and live comfortably.
Ukiwa na function at home, if you don’t have a home, it’s embarrassing to beg your brother to allow you sleep in his house with your entire family.
Village House is extremely important”


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