How to make money from Poultry farming in Kenya


Poultry farming is one of the best businesses to start in Kenya. You can keep broilers or kienyeji chicken depending on the size of your land and the demand for those chicken. Nowadays most people prefer kienyeji chicken over broilers, but fast food restaurants opt for broilers because their clients aren’t specific on the type of chicken they feed on.

  • Capital required and profits

Capital required can be as little as Ksh 1,000 or as much as Ksh 1 million depending on your pockets. You can take a loan from a bank or mobile money Apps or save to start the business.

A kienyeji chicken of weeks costs Ksh 100 to Ksh 300.If you buy 10 chicken, you will spend on average Ksh 2,500.It takes 6 weeks to 6 months for the chicken to mature. Once mature, sell them at Ksh 800 to Ksh 1,200 each depending on the demand in the market. The total amount you’ll make from the 10 chicken will be Ksh 10,000.If you subtract expenses and maybe deaths, you’ll make a profit of at least Ksh 3,000.

Assuming that you keep 100 chicken, in 3-6 months, you’ll make over Ksh 30,000.If you keep 1,000 chicken, you will make a profit of Ksh 300,000 or more.

But the good thing about kienyeji chicken is that their demand is high every season, unlike broilers. They also don’t demand a lot of labour and food. They can rely on ugali and other food which is locally available.

There are also improved kienyeji chicken which mature faster. These are preferred for commercial purpose only. They mature in less than 3 months. The profit margins for improved kienyeji chicken are higher than for pure kienyeji. When someone with pure kienyeji sells Ksh 300, 000, the one for improved kienyeji will sell for Ksh 400,000 over the same period of time.

Broilers mature fastest, they take 5 to 7 weeks to mature. But the problem with these ones is that they are labour intensive. They also consume specific food which you must buy.But if you take care of them well, they will generate more money than kienyeji and improved kienjeji.Lakini ugonjwa kidogo ukikuja, they die massively.

If you want quick money, go for broilers. However, the probability of making profits is 50%.The market for broilers is also limited. There are hotels which don’t order such, they prefer kienyeji chicken.

A serious farmer will keep both kienyeji and broilers so as to diversify risks and improve profits.

I usually keep kienyeji chicken at home and sell them during festive season.Saa hii Niko na kadhaa and I am sure by December zitakuwa over 100 of them.I sell each at Ksh 1000.The 100 chicken will yield Ksh 100,000.

Huwa nimefence nyumba,so the chicken move around the compound peacefully.I don’t buy chakula yoyote,they eat grass,ugali ,rice na ile chakula inabaki.

I prefer kienyeji chicken because haziniitaji nichunge every time.Nikizifungulia hivi,that’s all,wanajitafutia chakula.

I also don’t buy chicks,I obtain them from those hatched within the compound.

For me,I prefer pure kienyeji chicken.

You can make your own poultry cage or buy locally, but making it is cheaper. To buy one you will spend more than Ksh 100,000.

If you want to make maximum profits, make sure your compound is fenced to prevent thieves from breaking into your homestead to steal the poultry. The fenced compound will also confine the kienyeji chicken, also allowing them to move freely within the compound.


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