Photo of 5 bedroom flat roof house in Nakuru.Even how much it cost to build the house


This flat roof house has been built in Nakuru near Laikipia University. The flat room house has taken the owner 4 months to build.Up to completion, it will cost Ksh 7 million.If he had built the raised roof house, he’d have spent Ksh 7.5 million.

The house is almost complete, only few things are meaning for it to be occupied.The owner has so far spent Ksh 5 million up to where it has reached.

Nowadays Kenyans prefer flat roof houses because they are cheaper to build as compared to the raised roof houses. Their designs are also beautiful. Flat roof houses also take less time to complete.

In Kenya,flat roof house cost the following amount to build:

2 bedroom flat roof house—Ksh 2.5 million

3 bedroom flat roof house—Ksh 3.5 million

4 bedroom flat roof house—Ksh 4.5 million

5 bedroom flat roof house—Ksh 5.5 million to Ksh 7 million

The quality of materials used also determine the cost of costruction.If you use low quality materials,the cost will drastically drop but the house won’t last long.


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