Dirty Tricks Uber drivers use to increase profits from the business


Uber drivers discovered that their profits are getting slim over time, they decided to come up with ways of maximizing profits. They employ tricks that Uber Company is not aware of, or if they are aware, they can’t do anything.

  • Switching off the App immediately they get the customer

Once the customer arrives, they tell him to cancel the trip. They go ahead to negotiate the price with the customer. Instead of paying Ksh 1,000 with Uber App,the customer will pay Ksh 1,500 after negotiation. The Uber driver ends up not paying the service charge to Uber.

  • Following longest routes

Places like Nairobi there are many routes to a destination. The Uber driver will follow the longest route in order to charge you more money. They will use an excuse that the shorter route has a lot of traffic in order to use the longest routes.

  • Following traffic jam

If in a certain day the number of customers are few,the driver will go to a route with traffic jam in order to earn more money. The time spent on the jam will determine the money the customer will pay.

  • Going to the petrol station to fuel

Have you wondered why Uber drivers only fuel when carrying a client? It’s because they want to spend more time for the trip so as to make more money from the client.

Note that for the issue of switching off the App,it’s risky to the client.Unless you know the driver in person, don’t allow him to switch off the App.


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