Before buying land in Kenya confirm these important things


There are important things you should confirm before buying land in Kenya. Sometimes you may ignore some things thinking that they are not important but eventually discover they were important. Before going to lawyer to write the agreement to buy land, confirm these things:

—–Security in that place

Ask people around about security of that place. If there are many incidences of insecurity, if there are organized criminal groups, then it’s not a good place to live.

—-Whether it’s a controlled area

You might build your good house only to be surrounded with apartments. Don’t build a house in an area not controlled. People nowadays prefer building in gated communities where the owners set rules for anyone buying land there.

—–Ask locals about the history of that land

Locals and neighbours know a lot about the history of that land. Before buying, pay a visit to the area and ask questions to know which type of land you are buying. The information is very important.

—-Do land search

Go the lands office and do a search to determine the owner of the land. Don’t assume that the land is owned by the seller unless you confirm from the lands ministry. But even if lands confirm, take note of what neighbours and locals told you—their information is important.

—–Whether the land has court cases

Don’t buy land with court cases. If you confirm that it has court cases, don’t buy. You should also consider community or family disputes. Don’t buy land which has family disputes.

—–Whether there is a title for the land

Nobody should convince you to buy land without a title. Allotment letter is not a title, a letter from the chief or lawyer is not a title. There MUST be a title which you will use to search for the land in the office of lands.

—-Proximity to the road

Your land should not be too far from the road. It should be few metres from the road. You should also check amenities like hospitals and schools. Don’t buy land where you will settle and find you are alone and lonely.

—-Price of land in that area

Someone will sell to you land for Ksh 3 million, when you ask the price of similar land, it costs Ksh 1 million. Always inquire about the prices of land in the area before buying from someone.

—–Government structures

If the land is too close to the road, too close to the railway, too close to the barracks, too close to the airport, don’t buy it.If you make a mistake and buy, you will regret one day.

—–Availability of water and electricity

Nowadays people work online, they need electricity or solar. Water is also very important. If your priority is water, then ensure that the place you buy land there is plenty of water, or at least a source of water.


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