How many bags of cement do I need for a 4 bedroom house?


The number of bags cement needed for a 4 bedroom house range between 150 to 250.The number of bags to be used depend on the quality of cement, ratio of cement to sand ,ration of cement, sand and concrete. If the ratio is the one recommended, then the average number of bags of cement to be used should be 200.

The foundation and finishing will consume the highest number of bags. For the foundation, you will use 50 to 80 bags. Walling plus plaster will consume 40 bags. Floor will consume 30 bags. You will also need at least 20 bags for other parts of the house.

If your contractor quotes less than 100 bags or more than 300, they are not accurate.

There are two types of houses to build, mansion and bungalow. Bungalow will consume less bags of cement as compared to mansion. A mansion will consume 250 to 350 bags of cement.

When going to buy cement always go for the best quality so that even if the ration won’t be the recommended one, it can’t compromise the quality of the house.

You should also buy highest quality of sand and concrete to avoid using more than the required number of bags of cement.


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