How to make money online in Kenya 2024


Jobs are becoming scarce, it’s now almost impossible to get a well-paying job especially if you are a graduate. But thank God there are plenty of opportunities online. You can make even Ksh 10 million per month online if you have enough traffic to your platform.

Below we outline some of the best ways to make money online in Kenya for the year 2024:

—Through TikTok

TikTok has provided a golden opportunity for content creators to earn a living by going Live. Though TikTok itself doesn’t pay Kenyan content creators, there is a way you can earn through gifts. Simply go live on Tiktok and get gifts from your audience.

If your channel is popular enough, you will get sponsored content. Your clients will ask you to reviews their products through videos and get paid.

—-Running a YouTube channel

Create a YouTube channel, grow it and link it with AdSense. Ensure that the videos you post are original and of high quality. Once you reach 4000 watch hours, 500 subscribers and your channel is more than 12 months old, apply to monetize with —–AdSense.

AdSense pays per 1000 views. For 1000 views, you will earn Ksh 50 and above. If your channel gets 1 million views, expect to earn Ksh 200,000 and above.

Apart from earning through AdSense, you can also make money through sponsored content and affiliate marketing.

Creating a YouTube channel is free.


Create your own blog, start posting content and earn money. Bloggers earn money through sponsored posts, AdSense, AdSense alternatives, affiliate marketing or by selling space through banner ads.

Online money comes with traffic. The more traffic your blog gets, the more money you earn. Just like YouTube, if your blog gets over 1 million views monthly, expect to earn above Ksh 200,000.

—-Affiliate marketing

Register with various affiliate marketing programs in Kenya and make money. There are programs related to sports, others to web hosting, online shops, Forex trading, cryptocurrency and SEO.All of them pay commissions on qualified sales.

Jumia is one of the best affiliate programs in Kenya. If you have a niche site that deals with smartphones, TVs and clothes, register for Jumia partner program and reviews their products to earn commissions.

—–Earn money through Facebook & Twitter

Twitter nowadays pay content creators. Register, create content and get paid monthly. You can also get paid through sponsored content.

Facebook will pay you through reels and by posting videos like the likes of Eve Mungai.There is also opportunity to earn money through sponsored content and by selling your own products like clothes.

Facebook also allows content creators to direct traffic to their blogs and YouTube channels.

—-Earn through Telegram

Create a Telegram channel and post useful content there. Make it possible for visitors to subscribe before they view your content. Introduce subscription fee.

Telegram also pays through sponsored content and Ads from advertisers in the platform.

—-Run online recruiting agency

Create a website for online recruitment where you link job seekers and advertisers. Incorporate CV and Cover Letter writing services where your clients pay for the services.

—-Remote writing jobs

There are companies in UK, USA and other European countries which offer remote jobs. You will work right from Kenya but earn salary like someone in the US. Some of the jobs pay as high as $1.2 million per month or more than $15 per hour.

—-Academic writing

Start doing academic writing and get paid. Later you can buy your own account where you get academic writing jobs. Such jobs pay from Ksh 300 per page.

Academic writing is where you do proposals and project for students in UK, USA, Canada, Australia and other European countries and get paid.

—-Web hosting & design services

Create a company for hosting websites and domains. It’s only a website you need for listing your services—you don’t need a server .There are established companies like Bluehost which will give you hosting space for your clients.

Combine web hosting and web design services. If you venture into both, you will register decent profits.

This business will require a capital of less than Ksh100, 000.

To design a single website, you will charge Ksh 30,000 to Ksh150, 000.

—-Online taxi business

Buy a car and use online taxi Apps like Uber and Bolt to get customers. Through those Apps,you don’t have to sweat to get customers, they will bring themselves to you.

The Apps will take 18% of your income, the rest of the money is yours.

—-Sell products on WhatsApp

Make use of WhatsApp by selling products like shoes and clothes. Among your contacts, there are people who will by. Create related pages on Instagram and Facebook.

—Offer loans online

If you have enough money, create and App that offers loans online. There are several Apps for loans in Kenya but the demand exceeds the supply.

This is ideal business for people with millions of money they want to start business with. The App and approval require more than Ksh10 million.

—Start an e-commerce site

Create an e-commerce site and start displaying products on it.Jumia is one of such sites, it displays products for individuals, thus generating income by sharing profits with the merchants.

Instead of selling on social media only, just create a site like Jumia and make money when people order your products.

—–Offer marketing services

You can do social media marketing, manage pages for celebrities. You can also start a marketing agency for local brands.

The marketing agency should also incorporate SEO services.

—- Invest in Money Market Fund

Register and start trading in Money Market through Money Market Fund. Insurance companies like Britam,Old Mutual,ICEA Lion and CIC will offer you the opportunity to invest. They pay interest of 8%-18% per year on your investment.

The good thing about this fund is that you deposit money either through Mpesa or bank transfer.

—–Invest in cryptocurrency

Buy and sell cryptocurrency online. But you need a capital of above Ksh 100,000 for you to make decent income. You can buy for Ksh 100,000 and sell the same for more than Ksh 200,000 after one month.

—Forex Trading

Forex trading is tricky but very profitable if done the right way. This is something to try this year. You might become the new millionaire.

—–Market plots online and get commission

Become a broker of land where you market products online and earn commissions when they have been purchased. Use social media pages and blogs to do marketing.

—-Do Transcription and data entry online jobs

Sites like Upwork offers you the opportunity to do transcription online. There are also many data entry jobs online. Register and start getting such jobs through your email—they pay well.

—Sell photos and videos online

Take photos and videos and sell them online. Create a website for selling such photos. You can also sell them to the many companies available online. A photo can be sold for as much as Ksh 100,000.

—Rent out your camera

TikTok and other social media platforms have created a demand for cameras for taking pictures and videos. Buy high quality cameras and rent out. In addition, get hired to take videos and photos in events.

—-Offer Airbnb services

List your Airbnb rooms online and make money. Airbnb is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya,it can be done online.Your work is to rent a room, furnish it and market it.You will employ someone to direct your clients to the rooms.


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