How to make money through Mpesa 2024


The year 2024 should be prioritized in making money especially through Mpesa.There are plenty of ways to make money through the money transaction platform. You can make even millions of shillings if you are aggressive enough.

—-Invest in Mshwari lock savings account

Mshwari lock Savings account allows you to save money over a fixed period of time to generate interest.The interest earned is as outlined below:

Customer Savings AmountLock Savings INTEREST RATE
KSHS 1-200003% P.A
KSHS 20001-50,0005% P.A
>KSHS 50,0016% P.A

The minimum deposit is Ksh 1000 only. You can save even millions of shillings by sending the money to the savings account via Mpesa.If you save Ksh 1 million, the interest you’ll earn that year is Ksh 60,000.

  • Invest in Money Market Fund

Money Market Fund also generates interest for you on daily basis. You will invest as little as Ksh 1,000 every month and earn interest of up 18% per year. Each of the money market fund providers has a paybill number which you will use to send money to your account. The interest is paid to your Mpesa or bank account.

Assuming that you invest Ksh  500,000 in one year, you will earn interest of more than Ksh80,000.

Money Market Fund is a safe investment, your money is not subjected to any risk.

—–Operate an Mpesa shop

Safaricom has thousands of Mpesa agents who earn commissions. Look for a strategic position where to set up an Mpesa shop and start earning commissions. With good human traffic flow, you will make over Ksh 2,000 daily.

—–Start business and get paid via Mpesa

Mpesa Paybill and till number will enable you to get paid after making a sale. It’s the easiest way of payment for people who are not physically present near you. Online business is the ideal for receiving Mpesa payments.

—-Sell football predictions online

If you know how to analyze football matches, create a website to sell the tips and earn money through Mpesa.Make sure you get a Till Number for receiving the payment.

—-Sell products on social media

Create social media pages and sell your own products. Some of the best products to sell are shoes, clothes from Eastleigh and Turkey, perfume and bedsheets. All your customers will be paying via Mpesa

—–Go live on TikTok

Go live on TikTok and get gifts from your fans. You will convert the gifts into money and withdraw it through Mpesa.

—-Offer mobile loans

Another way of making money through Mpesa is by offering mobile loans.The borrowers will repay the money plus interest. The payment is via Mpesa

—-Become social media influencer

Become and influencer on social media and get paid for sponsored content. Advertisers in Kenya pay influencers through Mpesa.

—-Online taxi business

Uber and Bolt give you a chance of earning money via Mpesa.Buy a small car, install the App in your phone and get customers through the App.All the customers pay via Mpesa or through cash.


Become a bloggers and make money through adverts, sponsored articles and AdSense. Blogging is a lucrative venture for people who are passionate about creating content.

Sponsored articles will pay you in excess of Ksh 5,000 per article. Most of them pay through PayPal, krill or Mpesa.

To create a blog,you need less than Ksh 20,000.

—–Affiliate marketing

Nearly all affiliate marketing companies in Kenya pay marketers through Mpesa.Jumia, Kenya Website Experts and Hostpinnacle are among the companies with the best affiliate programs. Register for the programs, market them on social media and through your blog and get paid commissions through Mpesa.

—-Online survey

Participate in online survey and get paid via Mpesa.There are a number of survey companies that pay via Mpesa, such as, Triaba, Pawns and Mobrog

—-Academic writing

Do academic writing for local university and college students, get paid via Mpesa.The best way to get clients is by creating a website or marketing your services via social media.

We also have academic writing for students abroad, those in UK, USA, Canada and other European countries. Though they pay via PayPal, Payoneer and Skrill, you will withdraw the money through Mpesa.

—–CV and cover letter writing

There are millions of Kenyans who are jobless, they are desperate to get jobs. Help them get recruited by offering CV and cover letter writing services. They will pay you via Mpesa.You will also create a job board where you advertise jobs for companies and get paid for every job you post on your site.

—-Provide professional services online

There are professional which can be practiced online, such as offering medical advise, law and litigation services. You can also offer tuition online and get paid via Mpesa.

—Paid subscription

There are blogs, like Nation Africa which require one to subscribe and read news. The payment is through Mpesa.If you believe your services are in demand, start a subscription service where everyone who wants to access your services must pay through Mpesa.

Telegram channel is one of the platforms which offer this services. Edgar Obare charges each subscriber at least Ksh 200 per year. He has over 1 million subscribers.

—–Buy Sacco shares

Join a profitable Sacco in Kenya, buy shares and earn dividends annually.Saccos pay interest of 10% to 18% of your investment.

—Do errands online

Do errands like deliveries, buying products for your clients from shops and supermarkets, get paid via Mpesa.Advertise your services on social media.

—–Sell Smartphones on loan

Start a company where you sell smartphones on loan.To make sure that people don’t disappear with the smartphones, lock them whenever they fail to pay for them.You will buy a smartphone for Ksh 5,000 and sell the same for Ksh 7,000 .The good thing about this arrangement is that people pay in instalments as they use the phone,they don’t feel the pain of paying the Ksh 7,000.You will make more sales when you provide the phones on loan.



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