13 Simple ways to grow your Facebook Page quickly


If you want to grow your page quickly, there are simple things you should do. Below is a list of the things to do in order to get millions of followers:

1. Post a lot consistently… like 8-10 posts every day.

2. Like and respond to all comments plus inbox messages.

3. Have a name, bio and profile picture that shows what your page is all about.If you sell shoes, ensure that someone can tell that from your bio, profile picture and name.

4. Ensure that your content inspires, educates or entertains.

5. Utilize various forms of content such as short texts, long texts, pics, videos, reels and stories.

6. Post original content…avoid copy pasting jokes and quotes, reposting people’s videos and downloading products pics. Instead take your own pics and videos.

7. Avoid follow for follow schemes and groups.Let your page grow organically.

8. Spike people’s emotions with teasing and triggering posts once in a while [be the villain] …also keep people commenting with questions such as “should you buy a car or build a house first”…such posts get people commenting and some of them will go through your page and if they like your content they’ll follow you.

9. Avoid robot-like and predictable content…show people that you’re versatile and unpredictable. Also show your personality and keep them guessing.

10.Always be in good terms with Facebook, don’t break the rules to get punished. If your content is good,it will get suggested.

11.Post daily and as many times as possible. This way your content will rank higher.

12.Don’t post too many posts with content with links to websites

13.Sometimes sponsor your stories


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