How to make AED10000 per day in UAE


There are many ways in which you can make AED 10,000 daily. If you manage to make this money, you will easily become a millionaire. But you have to be smart and very consistent for you to make the money.

If you want to make the cash within a day, here are the things to do:

—–Start a YouTube channel

Create a YouTube channel ad start posting videos. Grow the channel by posting regularly, sharing the videos on social media and acquiring thousands of subscribers. If your videos attract over 5 million views per month, then be ready to make over AED10,000 daily.

—–Save in Fixed Deposit account

Open a fixed deposit account and set a target of the amount to save monthly. For you to be sure of making AED daily, save at least AED 10,000 to AED30,000 monthly. From 2025 you will be earning AED 10,000 daily. The interest on your savings will range between 4% and 12% per year.

—–Invest in Money Market Fund

Money Market Fund is similar to Fixed Deposit Account but it has slightly higher interest rate. In UAE the interest ranges between 7% and 15% depending on specific company to invest with.

Insurance companies and banks offer this option. Create an account and start investing. Make sure you deposit over SED 20,000 monthly for you to start earning at least AED 10,000 per month in one year.

——Invest in Annuities

Annuities help you earn money monthly for the rest of your life after retirement. Look for a good annuity provider and invest money monthly. Upon retirement, you will be earning over AED 10,000 monthly.

—–Go Live on TikTok

Go Live on TikTok and get paid in gifts by your fans and TikTok App.This is a good idea for young people who want to become rich quickly. TikTok pays you once you get gifts from followers. In a good day you will make more than AED 10,000

—-Start a profitable business

With a good capital, start profitable business like hardware shop, real estate, restaurant, selling jewelry, boutique shop or hospital. Such businesses will yield over AED 10,000 daily.

—Look for a managerial job in a Company

If you get a senior position in government, a manager or CEO, you are sure of earning even AED 10,000 per day.

—–Do affiliate marketing

Create a blog and start promoting affiliate products. If your blog receives many visitors, if your social media pages convert well, you will easily make over AED 10000 daily. Affiliate marketing is among the best earning methods for bloggers

—–Start e-commerce business

An e-commerce displaying your products is the tool you need to make over AED 10000 per month. Create a website, display product like shoes, bags, jeans, jewelry, phones and electronics. Link payment methods with your website.

—-Trade in Cryptocurrency

Buy and sell cryptocurrency. You need a capital of AED 100,000 and above for you to make over AED 10,000 daily.


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