Hardest Bachelor’s Degree courses to study in Canada


There are specific Bachelor’s degree programs which are difficult to pursue in Canada. You have to be so committed in your studies, so focused in order to finish the course. Most of the programs are related to science, mathematics and engineering.

Here is a list of the hardest Bachelor’s degree courses in Canada:

  • Bachelor of Actuarial Science

If you aren’t good in mathematics don’t enroll for a Bachelor of Actuarial Science, it’s a very difficult course. You might easily drop out of college. Furthermore, upon completion of our undergraduate course, you are required to pursue professional courses for you to qualify as an Actuary. It actually takes more than 7 years of study to become an Actuary.

  • Bachelor of Medicine

Another hard course in the University is Bachelor of Medicine & Surgery. Students take more than 5 years to complete the course. The dropout rate is so high as students find it rough and intimidating to pursue the program.

Bachelor of Medicine doesn’t want students who want free time to do their own things, it needs 100% commitment.

  • Bachelor of Computer Science

This is a difficult program even to those who are good in mathematics and sciences. The hardest of all specializations is programming. If you go the route of programming, you won’t enjoy your course.

It will take you 4 years to complete the course but by the time you are through, you’ll have struggled a lot.

  • Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

It’s a course for people who are enthusiastic about mathematics and physics. It’s not a pleasant program to even those studying it. You need fresh mind, full concentration and precision for you to finish the course.

  • Bachelor of Statistics

Bachelor of Statistics is as hard as Bachelor of Actuarial Science. The course is all about mathematics and probability. If you aren’t good in mathematics, don’t dare.

  • Bachelor of Pharmacy

You will have to be sober, giving attention to details and focused in order to finish your degree in Pharmacy. This is not a course for lazy students.

  • Bachelor of Physics

Bachelor of Physics is a program you should avoid at all costs because it’s not an easy one. You will struggle to complete the course which contain a lot of mathematics.

I don’t think many people enjoy pursuing the course.

  • Bachelor of Architecture

You have to be so innovative for you to complete this course. It requires discipline and attention to details. Bachelor of Architecture is a difficult program.

  • Bachelor of Aeronautical engineering

Vehicles have mechanics while planes have aeronautical engineers. This program is not a walk in the park, it’s difficult. But the payment is good.

  • Bachelor of Mathematics

Bachelor of Pure Mathematics is extremely difficult. Only those who are good in mathematics can pursue the course.


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