Easiest Bachelor’s Degree Courses to study in Canada


If you want to graduate fast in Canada, pursue an easy course. Most degree courses related to engineering, medicine and mathematics are difficult to pursue. Easy courses are mostly those not related to science and mathematics.

If you want to know an easy course, look at the number of students pursuing that program—they are many.

Below is a list of the easiest courses to pursue in Canada

  • Bachelor of Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce is an easy course. It’s rare to find a student struggling to complete the program. The course takes 2-4 years to complete and almost all the students graduate with ease

One can specialize in Finance, Accounting, Strategic Management, Human Resources Management or Marketing.

The program is also not expensive to pursue.

  • Bachelor of Education Arts

Another easy course is Bachelor of Education Arts. Once you enroll for the course, you won’t struggle to complete. The program is offered by almost all universities.

  • Bachelor of Human Resources Management

A degree in Human Resources Management is among the best in Canada. It takes 4 years to complete. Students always have easy time when pursuing this program. The only years that are a bit challenging are 3rd and 4th.

If you are not good in mathematics and sciences, enroll for HR undergraduate course.

  • Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication

Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communications is a very marketable course and one of the easiest to pursue in Canada. You can do print media, you can specialize in radio, TV or creative writing. The course will give you time to run side hustles as a journalist as you study.

Apart from being easy, it’s also interesting to study. You enjoy the entire course if your passion is in journalism.

  • Bachelor of Psychology and Counselling

Another easy undergraduate course with plenty of job opportunity. This Bachelor’s course is offered by many universities and colleges. The pass rate is 99%-100%, meaning that it’s not a tough course.

  • Bachelor of Public Relations & Diplomacy

You will not face any challenge when studying Bachelor of Public Relations & Diplomacy, it’s an easy course and very marketable both locally and in many parts of the world.

After graduation, you’ll secure a job as PR specialist. You can also do marketing.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration

BBA is as good as BCom and it’s an easy course at the university. The entry grades are not high, but that doesn’t mean it’s not marketable.

Don’t hesitate to pursue Bachelor of Business Administration, it’s not a difficult course.

  • Bachelor of Customer Care/Front Office

Bachelor of Customer Care is offered in many universities in Canada. Majority of students are ladies. It’s an ideal course for students who don’t want to study for a hard course.


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