Best and most profitable businesses to start in Nairobi CBD


Nairobi CBD is one of the best places to start business. Here is you start the right business, you will definitely become a millionaire within a short time. What hinders most people is the good will which one is supposed to pay alongside rent. The good will can be up to Ksh 3 million. But all in all, CBD is the best location for business within Nairobi.

If you are planning to venture in business and specifically in the CBD, here is a list of the most profitable ones:

  • Mitumba Bale business

Start the business of selling mitumba bales. This is one of the most thriving businesses in Nairobi and specifically in the CBD.Your clients will be traveling all the way from Busia, Uganda and even Tanzania to buy the bales.

  • Restaurant

Workers in Nairobi CBD don’t have anywhere to cook, they take lunch in the available restaurants. Set up a restaurant and get ready customers.

You need a capital of more than Ksh 5 million to put up a good restaurant in Nairobi CBD.

A restaurant which is busy in CBD will yield over Ksh 100,000 daily.

  • Airbnb

Another thriving business in Nairobi CBD is Airbnb or guest rooms. But you have to get the rooms in decent area with security.

  • Electronics shop

Electronics business along Luthuli Avenue, Accra Road, Moi Avenue or any other street in the CBD will yield good returns. But make sure that the products you are selling are genuine. Places like Luthuli Avenue have some sellers who might easily con you.

Sell TVs, smartphones, Woofers and other electronic items.

  • Mpesa shop

Due to the fact that the population in CBD is huge, Mpesa business will thrive here. In your shop, you can incorporate bank agency business. If there is enough space, sell items like smartphone chargers, bottled water and smartphone covers.

Mpesa shop thrives in densely populated areas like CBD.The place is also ideal because of security.

  • Smartphone repair shop

Set up a shop for repairing smartphones. You will make Ksh 5,000 to Ksh 30,000 daily from the business.

You should also earn how to repair laptops such that your shop will be repairing laptops and smartphones

  • Matatu business

With a capital of Ksh 3 million and above, matatu business will be ideal in Nairobi. Start with a 14 seater matatu and later upgrade to the Manyanga ones.

The only challenge you will have is identifying the right stage for your vehicle.

The best routes are Rongai, Pipeline, Umoja, Buru Buru and along Thika road.

  • Motor vehicle spare part business

Another profitable business in the CBD is motor vehicle spare part business. There are many such shops at River Road and they are doing well. People travel from upcountry to buy the spare parts.

  • Cosmetics shop

Cosmetics shop is also a great idea in the CBD.But you should set up your shop to appear as a supermarket so that people can be walking within to select products. Your shop should appear serious in size and the variety of products sold there. You will experience huge lines.

If your shop is so small, you may not make enough profits to meet rental expenses.

  • Chemist

I have had a chance to interact with a couple of Chemist owners in the CBD, they are doing extremely well. You will never go wrong with this kind of business, there are ready customers.

  • Garage

Most car owners find it difficult to find a place to repair their car. There are few garages in the CBD.

Find a space and set up a garage plus car wash area.

  • Car parking business

There is a serious problem with car parking space in Nairobi CBD.If you are lucky to find a space within the CBD, set up a building for offering car parking space. Each of your clients will be paying at least Ksh 300 per day. Assuming that your place offers space for 300 cars, you will be making Ksh 90,000 and above daily.

  • Boutique shop

Workers in the CBD have enough money to buy brand new clothes. Nowadays they prefer clothes from Turkey, USA,UK,France or Italy. Boutique shop is ideal in the CBD.

Identify your market and import the clothes yourself.

  • Petrol Station

With Ksh 20 million and above, you can set up a petrol station in the CBD.This is one business that will not let you down.

  • Cake baking business

If you have skills on how to bake cakes, consider starting cake baking business in the CBD.You an even confirm by visiting cake baking businesses in the CBD to see the huge lines in those shops.

  • Coffee shop

There are definitely many coffee shops in the CBD but they aren’t enough yet. Take your time to research on the best location, then set up a shop. Visit those already established shops to see what they are doing right, you’ll get an idea how to set up a thriving coffee shop.

  • Fast food restaurant

Start a restaurant that sells chips,soda,chicken and cakes. Incorporate fresh juices, samosa, sausages and smokies. These are foods people aged below 25 years would love to eat when in the CBD.Your prices should also be favourable so as to attract a good number of them into your shop.

  • Smartphone business

Venture into business of selling smartphones and their accessories. You should also have online shop for the same.

  • Grocery shop

Apart from grocery shops in Muthurwa and Gikomba,I have not seen a serious grocery shop within the CBD.It’s a business you should think of especially at the heart of CBD.Take up a spacious room and sell in bulk.

  • Luggage storage shops

Many people after arriving in Nairobi CBD from the village don’t find places to store their items. Luggage storage business will be ideal in the area. You will get thousands of clients monthly. You will charge Ksh 100 to Ksh 300 per day. Assuming that you rent the room for Ksh 40,000 monthly. You get 20 clients daily who pay Ksh 200 each, that makes Ksh 4,000 per day.In a month you will make Ksh 120,000 from a single room.

  • Restaurant for selling traditional meals

There are very few restaurants which sell traditional meals.Start one that sells Mursik,traditional fermented milk,kienyeji vegetables, kienyeji ugali and kuku etc.You will attract everyone aged above 30 years.


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