How to reverse money from Kilimall


Kilimall allows you to cancel your order or reverse the money. Below is the procedure to follow when applying for a refund:

1.Cancel& Refund rules:

  • If the order is still in “Pending Dispatch” status, client can apply for cancellation of all orders . Seller will approve the application and refund will be processed within 3 days after the approval.  If application got rejected, client can apply again.  
  • If the order is still in “Pending payment”, order will be auto canceled after the count down. However, client can also choose to manual cancel from: Kilimall APP->Account-> Unpaid->Click Order Image->Cancel
  • If the order is in “In transit”, client can also apply for refund of global order (order with purple airplane icon)if the order delayed more than 7 days after the stipulated time of delivery, that is 25 working days.
  •  If you cannot find the apply button and order has been overdued for a long time, kindly contact us. 

2. How to get the refund after paid? 

1. Open Kilimall APP or from PC / phone browser->login > Account > Refund/ Aftersale.

2. Tap on “Apply”under Can apply list

3. Tap on “Refund”.

4. Choose the reason for the refund,  then Tap on “Submit”. 


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