Pool Table business, prices, profits in Uganda and best places to buy the pool tables


Pool table business is one of the most profitable businesses in Uganda. Majority of Ugandan youths play and love pool. The business can be set up in a bar or in any entertainment joint with enough space.

Pool table prices and profits in Uganda

The prices of pool table range between UGX 700,000 and UGX 3,000,000. These are brand new pool tables. A second hand pool table can cost as little as UGX 400,000.

A pool table comes with full set of billiard balls, plastic triangle, two to 4 cue plane sticks, lamp shade and a dozen of cue chalk and tips.

The average price of a brand new pool table in Uganda is UGX1,500,000

Pool table profits in Uganda

The best place to set up pool table business in Uganda is Kampala. Here you’ll get numerous customers because the population is high. The daily profits range between UGX 10,000 and UGX 50,000. The profits purely depend on the number of pool tables in a place and the number of games played that day.If you get experienced players in your business, you’ll make more money because their games take less time to end.

In a month, you will be making over UGX 100,000 from one pool table. The more the pool table in your place, the more money you will be making.

Best places to buy a pool table in Uganda/Best pool table companies in Uganda

Pool Point Uganda

Pool Point has high quality pool tables. They sell their tables for UGX 750,000 to UGX 3,000,000

Pool Table Solutions Uganda

Another good place to by a pool table from in Uganda is Pool Table Solutions. You will get the best of the best with all items inclusive. Set a budget of over UGX900,000 to buy a pool table.

Betabest Enterprises Limited

High quality pool tables are also sold by Betabest Enterprises Limited. They sell to you,deliver and ensure the setup is done correctly.

Marios pooltable services and training center

Marios pool table services and training center has a good review, it’s even listed as among top 3 best pool table companies in Uganda.

Select one of those companies and buy your pool table.

How to start pool table business in Uganda

Set aside UGX 10 million and above to buy at least one pool table. If your interest is in making decent profits, you should own more than 1 pool table.

Look for a spacious location to set up the business, a place where you can place more than 3 pool tables.

After setting up the business, apply to get a licence so as not to be in collision with the authority.

With more than 3 pool tables, you are sure of making over UGX 20,000 daily.

Also hold regular tournaments so as to attract as many players as possible and to popularize your business.

The building hosting pool tables should also have entertainment joint or hotel.Make sure when setting up the pool business, you also look for money to start a bar or hotel within. Those businesses go hand in hand. Pool is a form of entertainment and it’s accompanied with drinks and food.


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