Serengeti National park Entry Fee


Below are the entry fee for Serengeti National Park:

Park Entry Fees

categorynon-residents Peak Season Low SeasonExpatriate/ResidentsEA or Tanzanian citizen
AdultUS$ 70US$ 60US$ 35Tsh 10,000
Child ( 5 years to 15 years)***US$ 20US$ 20US$ 10Tsh 2000
Children Below Age of 5 yearsUS$ FREEUS$ FREETsh FREE

Concession Fees

categorynon-residents Peak Season Low SeasonExpatriate/ResidentsEA or Tanzanian citizen
AdultUS$ 60US$ 50US$ 60Tsh 30,000
Child ( 5 years to 15 years)***US$ 10US$ 10US$ 10Tsh 10,000
Children Below Age of 5 yearsUS$ FREEUS$ FREETsh FREE

* Some of the well known Lodges and Camps located inside Serengeti National Park ( best accessed from Naabi Gate) include Naabi Private Camp, Namiri Plains Camp, Serengeti Serena Safari Lodge, Asanja Africa, Lake Ndutu Luxury Tented Lodge and Ngorongoro Wild Camp among others.

**EA Resident rates are applicable to residents of Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and South Sudan. Visitors are required to present their National ID (for Tanzanian citizens) or Passport displaying Work permits or appropriate Visas to prove resident status upon entrance into the reserve. Visitors without a valid passport are required to pay the non-resident rates.

*** Child rates are applicable to persons of ages 5 years to 15 years.

Camping Fees

categorynon-residents public campsite private campsite*east african residents public campsite private campsite*east african citizens public campsite private campsite*

* Private Campsite Booking Fee = Tsh

Vehicle entry fees

safari vehicle
Less than 6 seatsTsh
6 – 12 seatsTsh
13 – 24 seatsTsh
24 – 44 seatsTsh
45 seats and aboveTsh
1 – 3 tonsTsh
4 – 7 tonsTsh
8 tons and aboveTsh

ranger fees

activityranger fees
Game drive (+6hrs)Tsh
Game drive (-6hrs)Tsh
Full night camp securityTsh

* It may be required for campers at private campsites to hire rangers for night-time security. Rangers are transported to/from your campsite though food and accommodation for the rangers is not required.

Other fees

Hot Air Balloon Landing Fee (per person per landing) Note – This is usually included in the Balloon Flight pricesUS$ 50US$ 20
Horse Riding Fee (per horse per day)Ksh 1,500
Annual Research Permits (Non-resident)US$ 400

Below are Park Rules and Regulations:

  • Driving in the park is allowed between 6 am and 6 pm only.
  • The speed limit in the parks is 50km/h and 25km/h in Serengeti National Park.
  • Animals always have the right of way.
  • Never feed animals. It will upset their diet and lead to an unnecessary dependence on people.
  • Keep to the authorized tracks only.
  • Do not pick, cut or destroy any vegetation or remove any object of biological interest, including eggs, bones and trophies.
  • Camping is allowed only in designated sites.
  • Picnicking is allowed only at designated sites.
  • Do not disturb or harass the wildlife in any way. Radios and music players are forbidden. Please do not imitate animal’s sounds, clap or pound on vehicle or hoot. Do not throw objects to attract animal’s attention.
  • Do not litter. Keep your waste in the vehicle until it can be properly disposed later at your lodge or camp. Litter can choke or poison animals and birds.
  • Do not smoke while on game drive and always dispose cigarettes carefully. A burning cigarette can start a wild fire that would cause damage to vegetation and suffering to wildlife and people.
  • Do not light or cause fire to be lit. If camping, be sure to extinguish your fire carefully.
  • All visitors must remain in their vehicle within 200 meters of any game animal. Leaving the vehicle in the parks is forbidden except in designated places.
  • Discourage your driver from approaching the animals too close (25 meters). Lions, cheetahs and leopards are especially nervous; a vehicle can hinder their hunting or make them leave a hard earned meal. Your driver may be banned from the area and/or lose his job.
  • Domestic pets are forbidden in the parks.
  • It’s is not allowed to use/operate drones in any park.


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