Which is the best salary to earn and live comfortably in Uganda


In Kampala Uganda if you want to live a comfortable life, your monthly salary should be UGX 3 million. This salary will get you a decent house in a leafy suburb of Kampala. You will comfortably fuel your car and also pay other bills. House rent will cost UGX 1 million monthly.

Food in Kampala is not very expensive. With UGX 200,000 monthly, you will feed yourself fully. Electricity and water bills will consume UGX 100,000.

In other towns, you need at least UGX 2 million to live comfortably. House rent in small towns is low. There are places you will rent a decent house for UGX 200,000 only.

If you are a foreigner, you need approximately US$2000 monthly to live comfortably in Kampala. The money will get you a magnificent 3 bedroom house and also sustain your lifestyle.


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