How to get maximum helb loan in Kenya


Getting maximum helb loan is difficult, unless you come up with a way to convince them to give you the loan.

The maximum loan awarded to students by helb depends on the type of loan. Below are the types of loans and maximum amount of money awarded to each student:

Jielimishe Loans—Ksh 600,000

Undergraduate loan—Ksh 60,000 per semester

TVET Loans—Ksh 40,000

Jielimishe loan

Jielimishe loan is for salaried Kenyans and it gives a loan of up to Ksh 600,000. To get the loan, you have to be employed or owning a business that generates profit that can repay the loan.

Helb will assess the salary and determine how much loan they will give you. Since repayment is 12-48 months and interest of 14%, it means that you will be repaying over Ksh 20,000 monthly. This means that your gross salary should be Ksh 100,000 and above. If your monthly salary is below Ksh 100,000, it will become hard for you to get Ksh 600,000 loan because they know you won’t be able to pay within 48 months.

To get the loan, provide all the documents and details required by the institution.

Undergraduate loan

To get a maximum of Ksh 60,000 undergraduate loan, you have to indicate that your parents don’t have a source of income. This way, you will convince them that there is no way you will raise fee and amount to spend in college, hence awarding you maximum loan.

Another way is to convince them that you don’t have parents and that your guardian cannot sustain your university lifestyle. You can also provide information on how you were paying fee in high school. If you were raising fee through CDF and well-wishers, you will get maximum loan.

If you also have one parent, you can also state that they are unable to sponsor you by indicating that they don’t have a source of income.

The worst mistake you can make is to state that your parent or guardian has a source of income. If you do so, the maximum loan amount you can get is Ksh 45,000.


You simply state that you are neither employed nor have a stable source of income, they will award you a loan of Ksh 40,000.


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