I started Grocery shop in Rongai Nairobi, I make Ksh 150,000 in a bad month


One of the ladies operating a grocery shop in Rongai has shocked Kenyans after revealing the amount of money she makes per month. The 32-year-old started the business in 2021, she is making not less than Ksh 150,000 monthly. Here is what she told people in the Facebook group.

“mimi mambo ya kuajiriwa zii.My degree is BCom,I also hold CPA qualification.Nilitafuta kibarua for 3 good years na sikupata,it’s when I decided to start a grocery shop in Rongai.My seed capital was Ksh 30,000 only.It was just a basic kibanda.

From 2021 to 2022 December, I operated under the Kibanda.Lakini customers waliongezeka—the space became small.I decided to expand it and make it look like a kibanda supermarket where they pick items on their own.I think it’s God who directed me to do this.

Within a month, my customers tripled. I used to make Ksh 1500 to Ksh 3000 per day but now the profits are ranging between Ksh 5,000 and Ksh 10,000 daily.My work became overwhelming until I decided to hire 3 people to help me.i pay them Ksh 20k each.

I didn’t know biashara ya kibanda iko na pesa.Mimi sivai suit lakini in a month I make more than Ksh 150,000 after paying rent and my employees.Hata nngepata job ya office haingejipa kaa hii,

I plan to open another kibanda in Pipeline, Umoja and Githurai.I will be employing people to manage them”

After that comment,another man confessed how he makes Ksh 200k from a similar shop in Pipeline.

“mimi nayo kazi ya kibanda sitawacha.Mine is located in Pipeline.I have 6 workers and my monthly profit inazidi 200k.Wacha nisiongee kwa sauti KRA inikujie”.

It seems grocery shop business is one of the most profitable businesses in Nairobi.I think anyone with a capital of Ksh 20,000 to Ksh 50,000 should think of starting one.But the problem is that the items you will be selling are perishable. You are required to set up the business in a busy street where you can manage to clear the stock within 3 days.


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