Kenyans reveal the amount of money they spent to build 3 & 4-bedroom house in Kenya 2024


A number of Kenyans have revealed the cost of building 3 & 4 bedroom houses in Kenya.They constructed in different towns in Kenya, some in Nairobi and others in other cities and towns.


“I purchased a plot in Ruiru in 2019 for Ksh 1.5 million. I decided to build a 4 –bedroom house flat roof.I took a loan of Ksh 4 million from a bank. What took most of my money was the foundation, slabs, labour and finishing. Foundation alone cost Ksh 1.3 million. The three slabs cost Ksh 3.6 million. Finishing costed me Ksh 2.5 million. In total I spent Ksh 8.5 million to construct the house.The loan was not enough, I had to spend my investments which were in Money Market Fund”

Another Kenyan in diaspora used a construction company to build a 4 bedroom house in Nakuru,he spent these amount.

“Since I didn’t have time to personally supervise the work,I hired a construction company to do the work.I paid them Ksh 2 million.They completed the work in 4 months. In total I spent Ksh 7.2 million to build the house. They did a wonderful job and I would recommend them to anyone who need the services of professionals”

There is a comment that caught the eyes of other people in the forum. Here is one of the dissatisfied Kenyan.

“I live in Nairobi and since sina time, I told my brother in Kisii to supervise the work. I used to send him money to buy materials. I wanted to build 4-bedroom house.I had estimated to spend Ksh 4 million. The work started in June. The progress was good until I spent Ksh 3 million. I went there to check on the work only to find that he had just completed the foundation of my house while building his own house. I was shocked. I had to stop the work until I get time to supervise on my own”

Joash who works in Nairobi also constructed 4-bedroom house.He explains how the process went.

“My case is different.I build my house in a record 3 months.I wanted to move from an apartment as soon as possible. The 3-bedroom house in Rongai costed me Ksh 4 million.The materials were expensive this year compared to other years.But I feel the cost of building the house was okay.I didn’t want to give the supervision job to anyone—I did it myself.

I used MRM iron sheets and Bamburi Cement. I didn’t want flat roof house because I need rain water,plenty of it”

Kamau an expert in the construction industry says that for one to minimize construction costs, they must give the job to trustworthy people. He warns against leaving the responsibilities to relatives and friends. He also says that when buying cement, avoid buying in bulk—buy kulingana na demand.

He says that building a house in Nairobi is more expensive than in other areas.He estimates that 4 bedroom house in Nairobi costs Ksh 5 million to Ksh 8 million depending on the size and type of the house. In other places like Nakuru where cost of construction materials is low will cost as low as Ksh 4 million.

A three-bedroom house costs Ksh 3.4 million to Ksh 6 million in Kenya.

Kamau emphasizes on using high quality construction materials. People should not compromise on quality.


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