April is the best month to buy land in Kenya—this is why


If you want to buy land in Kenya, April is the best month. This is the month when rains are high such that you are able to know whether it’s flooding. Real estate agents rarely advertise plots during this period because they know that where they bought land is flooding. There are also many Kenyans who purchased land during dry season only to be shocked it was a dry swamp—when it rained, their houses were swept by water.

The worst month to buy land is from October to February because these months are dry and land is expensive. You will buy a plot for Ksh 1.5 million in December but in April, the same plot will cost Ksh 500,000. In December, there is a lot of money in circulation and people don’t shy away from spending it.

There are different opinions online in regard to the best season to buy land in Kenya:

Gordon Opiyo

“Before buying any piece of land or thinking of moving to an Estate, make a point of visiting the area this season.. You will get the beautiful plot you saw in Joska having crocodiles and Hippos right now….

Or that apartment in Tassia being accessed only with experts in jumping over knee high mud

Ephrahim Njega

This is the best time to buy land to avoid buying a dormant lake or swamp.


I purchased land in Kamulu in 2021.It was a nice place but near a river. Right now I am regretting because I was forced to move out of my house. I woke up on Thursday after overnight rainfall nikapata maji imejaa kwa nyumba.I feared for my life.

I purchased the land for Ksh 1.8 million lakini saa hii mtu anipatie hata 300k nachukua”

Another person replied:

“Not you alone, mazee I bought mine at Kikopey,mahali kuna uwanja kubwa.2021 nilijionea,it rained for 1 week, when I visited there,I didn’t even recognize my plot,there was flooding everywhere”.

There is also another lady who purchased land in Joska.She was forced to sell it at a throw away price in 2022 after heavy rains. Luckily she had not developed anything on the plot.

In case you buy land during dry season, don’t develop it immediately, wait until it rains heavily to see whether the plot will flood.


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