Why Kenyan employers are now employing Rwandese, Burundians, Congolese, Tanzanians and Ugandans over Kenyans


Nowadays we have seen a growing trend where Kenyan employers prefer to employ people from other East African countries over Kenyans. If you move around several Kinyozi in Nairobi, you’ll realize that majority of employees are either Burundians, Rwandese or Congolese. The guys have even dominated the hawking business (they sell groundnuts) and even massage parlors.

Kenyans have started complaining that they are not getting jobs, their work has been taken by foreigners. But here are the reasons Kenyan employers are not employing Kenyans anymore.

Kenyans aren’t honest. You employ a Kenyan today, after one week he starts stealing from you. Some of them instead of selling your stock, they buy their own stock and start selling it in your shop. Wines & Spirits shops are monotonous for this habit…even hotels.

Kenyan employees are lazy and not committed to their work.

Foreigners provide cheap labour.A foreigner will only be paid Ksh 10,000 per month in a Kinyozi and he won’t steal from you but a Kenyan will demand Ksh15, 000 and steal from you.

Foreigners are disciplined. A Kenyan employee will wake up at 9 and report to work at 11 or when he feels like, most of them aren’t disciplined. Foreigners especially Congolese and Burundians are punctual, disciplined and highly dedicated to their work.

Foreigners fear to mess up their jobs because most of them don’t have work permit or IDs. They have to be disciplined in order to survive.

Foreign employees may not be allowed to start their own businesses, which is why Kenyans employ them—because they know they will be loyal.


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