Most underrated business in Kenya which is profitable


There are a number of businesses which Kenyans underrate but are very profitable. People doing such business are making huge profits but they don’t tell others. If you want to make a lot of money without people noticing, here are the businesses to try out in Kenya:

  • Selling sugarcane in Nairobi/Mombasa

Start the business of selling sugarcane in Nairobi or Mombasa. You will buy one sugarcane for Ksh 15 and sell the same for Ksh 40, making a profit of Ksh 25.The best sugarcane is obtained from Kisii.

People will not think that you make a lot of money, they will also not see you complaining.

  • Selling Mugoka/Miraa

Miraa business is also very profitable. In a day you can make up to Ksh10, 000.The good thing about this business is that you are assured of your customers.Miraa is addictive and once someone starts buying from you, they won’t stop.

  • Blogging

Blogging is a very lucrative business. So many Kenyans are ignorant, they think bloggers are poor but truth of the matter is, there are several multi-millionaire bloggers. More than 1,000 bloggers earn over Ksh 10,000 monthly. The highest paid blogger in Kenya takes home over Ksh5 million per month.

Blogging is only hard when you are starting but with time, money will start chasing you. But you should select a good niche which will attract decent traffic and revenue.

  • Selling mutura

People will also underrate this business but it’s very profitable.Mutura business is not capital intensive, you will start with as low as Ksh1, 000.Set up the business just outside a butchery so that people can believe you are selling genuine meat.

  • Selling roasted maize

With a capital of Ksh500 only, you can start the business of selling roasted maize. You only need a jiko and charcoal that will cost you Ksh300,use the rest to buy maize. You will buy one maize for Ksh 10 and sell the same for Ksh30,making Ksh 20 as profit. In a day you will sell at least 20 maize which earns you Ksh 400 and above.

  • Selling bottled water

Bottled water business is also very profitable, but it requires a lot of capital. You need a capital of Ksh 150,000 and above. But once you set the business, you’ll never make a loss.

  • Mitumba bales business

I can count the number of millionaires selling mitumba bales in Kenya, some who started with as little as Ksh150, 000.Don’t go for retail business, sell full bales and see how fast you’ll grow.

  • Mobile phone repair business

Everyday mobile phones get spoilt in Kenya, this is one of the businesses to start in Kenya and become a millionaire. You just need basic skills on how to repair mobile phones, which can be obtained from school or from other mobile phone repair shops.

  • Transporting business

Buy a vehicle to transport construction materials. It’s a very lucrative business. You will be paid Ksh 10,000 to transport sand and make a profit of Ksh5, 000.Even if you have only one client per day, you are assured of Ksh5, 000.

  • Real estate brokerage business

Become a broker of real estate products. Look for vacant apartments and market them online to earn commissions. Look for land which is being sold, market it online and earn a commission. This is one business that can easily make you a millionaire in Kenya.

You can sell land of Ksh 30 million and make over Ksh1 million from that one sale.

  • Airbnb business

Another business you can try out is Airbnb, it’s underrated but very profitable. You will rent a room for Ksh 10,000 per month and rent it out for Ksh3, 000 per day.

  • Owning a chemist

The good thing about Chemist business is that you set your own price based on the purchasing power of your clients. You can buy a particular drug for Ksh 500 and sell the same for Ksh3, 000 if the demand is high.

  • Garage business

If you have a space for vehicle parking or repair, then start a garage. This is one underrate but profitable business. With a busy garage you can’t make less than Ksh10,000 per day.


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