Rental price of single rooms in Pipeline Nairobi


Pipeline is one of the cheapest estates to live in Nairobi.If you are starting life,single rooms are ideal for you.The rent for a single room ranges between Ksh 2,000 and Ksh 5,000.A single room has a latrine which is outside the house.If you prefer a room with a toilet and cooking space, bedsitter is the best. But with a limited budget, a single room is the best. Bedsitters in Pipeline go for Ksh 5,500 to Ksh Ksh 10,000 per month

Single rooms located near the main road are more expensive than those located far from the road.If you get a single room towards AA and Mukuru you’ll pay as little as Ksh3, 000 per month. If you want a single room towards Kobil and Transami, you’ll pay over Ksh4,000 per month.

Single rooms are located in Apartments. In Pipeline, nearly all houses are apartments.

The sad thing is that majority of the landlords in Pipeline build houses with one bedroom and bedsitter because they are demanded the most, single rooms are rare. So if you are prepared to search for a single room, you might not be successful.

Pipeline is the most populated estate in Nairobi because rent is relatively low here.One of the major problems you’ll face is human congestion, you will also face the issue of lack of water and insufficient light to your room.

Security in Pipeline is good,which is why people prefer to live in this area.You can walk outside even as late as 1am at night


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