How to Start a Cosmetics Shop in Kenya with Ksh 300,000


The capital for starting a cosmetics shop in Kenya is Ksh300, 000.But you can start with as little as Ksh 200,000 if you are putting up the business in small towns. In Nairobi, you have to put aside Ksh300, 000 for you to set up this business. Most of the cash will be used to buy stock, building shelves and the counter and rent.

Here are the items you need when starting a cosmetics shop in Kenya:

1. Rent and deposit- Ksh30,000

2. Shelves and counter- Ksh30,000

3. Shop paint- Ksh10,000

4. Light up box- Ksh10,000

5. Woofer- Ksh5,000

6. Stock- Ksh200,000

7. Business Permit- Ksh10,000

8. Miscellaneous- Ksh5,000

Cosmetics shop is more profitable where ladies have money like in Nairobi, Mombasa ,Kisumu and Nakuru.

If you set a cosmetics shop in Nairobi CBD,you’ll spend over Ksh1 million as capital because of good will. But the daily profit will not be less than Ksh 5,000

Cosmetics shop is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya.It’s hard to make a loss especially when you know what your customers want.

After setting up this shop, consider starting an executive salon and perfume refill businesses. These two go hand in hand with a cosmetics shop.


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