How to pay for NSSF via MPESA


NSSF gives you a chance to save for your retirement.MPESA is one of the payment methods allowed by NSSF.Every employee in Kenya is required to contribute to NSSF on monthly basis.

·  Employees contributions range from 360 shillings to a maximum of 1080 shillings per month for the first year.

·  Employers will also be contributing an equal amount as yours towards your future.

·  Voluntary contributor: Your minimum monthly contributions are now 200 shillings, up from 100 shillings.

NSSF Paybill number is 333300 and it’s the one you’ll be using to send money to NSSF.To pay via the Paybill Number,follow this procedure:

  1. In your MPESA,go to Lipa na Mpesa
  2. Select Paybill option
  3. Enter the Paybill number(333300)
  4. Enter your account number(Your NSSF number)
  5. Input  the amount you want to contribute(e.g Ksh300)
  6. Put your  MPESA pin number and complete the transaction.

You will receive a confirmation message from MPESA that your payment has been received.


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