20 Best Clubs in Nairobi 2023


If you want to have fun in Nairobi, there are clubs you should visit. We have categorically listed 20 of them which are the best. Here is the list:

  1. K1 Club House

It is located along Ojijo road in Parklands. K1 has the best ambience and a great playlist leave alone their liquor! One of the best clubs worth visiting when in Nairobi.

  • Florida Night Club

This is a renowned club which has been there over the years. It is located at Chai House, Koinange Street in Nairobi.

  • Club City Space

They have a performance and event venue for entertainment. It is among the best clubs in Nairobi located in Moi Avenue, opposite pizza inn.

  • The Alchemist

The Alchemist is a diverse collective hub with an environmental friendly ambience. There are live performances and event venues. It is located in Parklands road, behind kwik fit in Nairobi.

  • Black Diamond

This is a first class bar and Grill night club located in Westlands Nairobi. Black Diamond is famous for live bands and professional delicacies.

  • 1824 The Whiskey Bar

It is situated on Langata Road, in Nairobi. Whiskey Bar is iconic and it is the best place to relax with variety of whiskey’s to try and to have a good time.

  • Brew Bistro And Lounge

This is a legendary bar, world class place. One of the best clubs in Nairobi. It also consists of a restaurant which serves variety of cuisines from all over the world. It is located in Ngong Road Nairobi.

  • Mercury Lounge

This place has one of the best cuisines/delicacies and a unique environment and top shelf liquor for a good time. It is situated in Abc place, Westlands.

  • Sky Lounge

This is one of the favourite spots you want to visit for a good time when in Nairobi. From the outlook, the place is exquisite and luxurious while their services are on another level. Their cocktails are delicious etc. It is located at Emara Ole Sereni.

  1. 40 Forty Lounge

Visit this lounge for a classy amazing experience, and ambience. It is situated in Westlands, Rd Nairobi.

  1. Number 7

It is situated at Junction of Monrovia and Koinange Street. They offer the best cocktail in town, variety of dishes and amazing services. Visit Number 7 Club for your comfort and good times.

  1. Blackyz Lounge

This is another club that offers awesome services and delicious delicacies with top shelf liquor and cocktail. It is situated  Arwings Kodhek rd.

  1. The Tunnel

This is among the best lively places to go for a good time. They have professional services with delicious delicacies and amazing beer/cocktails and other varieties of liquor. It is located along Mombasa road Nairobi.

  1. Qutana lounge

It is a new entertainment Joint located near Yaya in Nairobi.

  1. Kulture restaurant and lounge

It has a touch of richness in African culture, sound and the environment. This is a place to catch up with friends, enjoy the ambience, food and different drinks of your choice. It is located on Galana Road, Nairobi.

  1. Black stars club lounge

They have a beautiful interior accompanied with good professional customer service. For a fun night out with friends, try this joint, I bet, you won’t be disappointed. It is located at wood ave, Nairobi.

  1. Milan

This is a serene place/environment to be at, at any time. It has both a bar and a restaurant offering delicious dishes, drinks and awesome services. It is situated in westlands, Nairobi.

  1. Blue Door

This place provides, live music and a friendly but spacious place to meet with your friends. It is situated in Westlands in Nairobi.

  1. Gallileo lounge

Galilelo is in Waiyaki way, westlands. It offers an amazing nightlife, ambience and liquor etc.

  • Club Signature

This is among the famous clubs in Nairobi. This place to go for party, with their great services, variety of liquor and delicious delicacies. It is situated at Tom mboya street, Nairobi.


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