Full List of Online Shopping Sites in Kenya


If you want to buy anything online in Kenya you have to visit online sites.Below we have provided a full list of online sites to visit when buying products online:

Here are top online sites for fashion in Kenya;

  • Mr Price Clothing
  • LeStyle Parfait
  • Jade Collection
  • Style Connection
  • La Elegant
  • Sarai Afrique
  • Standard Clothing Store
  • Tique A Bou
  • Fashion 254
  • Just Brands Kenya

Here is a list of top classified general online sites in Kenya

  1. Carrefour

They have a good reputation and it is among the major supermarkets in various cities of Kenya. It has an online site where anybody can shop for their selected items which may not be found in other supermarkets.

  • Kilimall

This is strictly an online platform; they do not have any physical store, everything is strictly online. It is also one of the biggest online stores in Kenya. Their items vary, from fashion, jewelry, utensils, electronics etc.

  • Jumia

It is one of the largest online stores in Kenya. It sells everything, from mobile phones, utensils, clothes etc. This platform allows business people to sell to their customers. To get their app one can download from play store.

  • Jiji

It rebranded its name from OLX to Jiji, it is also among the top online shopping sites in Kenya.

Here are some of the online stores to buy and sell second hand items’

  • saruk
  • yaoota
  • patabay
  • pigiame
  • Sky Garden

This online store does not sell directly to the consumer like e.g. jumia, kilimall, instead it acts as a marketplace where businesses sell their products. Their app is Sky.Garden merchant app from playsore.

  • Copia

They are widely known especially for delivering items in the most remote places. They also have discounts on some items and offer best services. You can get their app on google play store.

  • MamaMikes

This is the right online site especially if one wants to buy gifts for the loved ones etc.

  • Shopit

This is one of the best online sites selling computers, office equipment and other home appliances. Use their chat option to ask some questions you have before you purchase and item.

  • Jambo Shop

Just like kilimall and jumia, jambosho sells all items, from shoes, clothes, utensils etc.

  1. Masoko

It is among the best online shop stores in Kenya for buying electronics and mobile phones. This online store is managed by safaricom.

  1. Amanbo

This online site helps one purchase cheap electronic items from china.

  1. Cheki.co.ke

It is an online and among the trusted one to buy cars. It is a marketplace selling a wide range of cars, vans and trucks etc.

  1. Naivas Online

They offer wide range of products and they also have a physical store in various parts of Kenya. Visit their website to buy things online.

  1. Quick Mart

Quick Mart has a physical store in various towns in Kenya; however, they also have an online website and an Quickmart Loyalty app to purchase items from.

Top Real Estate online sites that help buy or rent a house;

  • Buy Rent Kenya
  • Property24
  • CommercialKe
  • Property Listings
  • Fyndaa
  • My property Maskani

Here are some of the online sites selling electronics in Kenya;

  • Ramtoms

It is among the household names for the best kitchen appliances in Kenya. Check out their online website for best deals.

  • Mightyape

I is an online site for electronics, they offer amazing discounts on their items.

  • LG Brand Shop

This shop deals with a range of products, TVs, microwave, cooker, fridge, irons etc. They only deal with LG products.

  • Price in Kenya

It is among the popular online electronic sites in Kenya today. They possess both online and physical stores.

  • Phone Place Kenya

This online site deals with a range of smartphone as its name suggests. They sell genuine products and offer best rates in the market.

  • Phone Tablets Kenya

It deals with a wide range of tablets.

  • Rondamo

It is a well-established to buy laptops, computers printers, TVs etc. Check their website out to order and buy your preferred items.

  • Xpark Kenya

This online site belongs to Infinix and Itel phone accessories. To buy original items from infinix and Itel products, this is the safe site to purchase from to avoid getting fake products.

  • Hotpoint

One of the largest online shopping site for electronics, they deal with both wholesale and retail

  • Safaribaza.com

It is an online site in Kenya that sells Electronics, mobile phones, tables and other wide range of products. Check everything on their website.

  • Saruk

This online site sells the best refurbished laptops and computers, though their prices are a bit higher, you can be sure to get original products.

  • FGee Online (it has deals on printers)
  • The Tomorrow technology (it has deals on mobile phones, tablets, TVs and home theatres)
  • Nairobi home appliances (it has deals on cookers, fridge and deep freezers)
  • GranTech (This online site allows one to pay in installments)
  • Cameras Africa (Camera and IT products)
  • Obee (for affordable phones and television)
  • Smart move shop (Phones and Accessories)
  • Mobile Hub (phones, laptops television etc.)
  • Mcphilips Digital (sells cameras to high end laptops)
  • Digital store (sells, tables, laptops etc)
  • Elite Digital (Apple and ipods proucts)
  • Sweech (For some great accessories)
  • Etech
  • Dove computers
  • gadget world
  • Bright Technologies
  • Bigman Computers
  • Simba POS
  • Mac & more (they also do repairs)
  • Glantix
  • Techbuys (They sell graphic cards, motherboards, power supply etc.
  • Luminate Store
  • Nangos
  • JazaCart (This online site sells TVs and smartphones at affordable prices)

Here is a list of online Stores/Sites for Grocery Shopping.

  • GroceryPik
  • Think Organic Kenya
  • Foodplus
  • Zucchini
  • Gobeba
  • Farm Fanatics
  • Kalimoni Greens
  • Yum
  • Greenspoon
  • HaraQisha
  • Gadzone

This is the right site to purchase fitness equipment, products and home appliances.

  1. Here are some of the online pet sites for pet lovers;
  2. Pet House Kenya
  3. The Royal pets
  4. Pet store Kenya
  5. Pet Sasa
  6. Pet Zone
  7. Pet world
  8. Pet pal
  9. TLC pet food

Here is a list of top online pharmacies in Kenya

  • PharmacyDirect
  • MyDawa
  • ePharmacy
  • PharmaShop
  • Western Cosmetics
  • Kasha

Cars Classified online sites in Kenya that offer great deals to buyers;

  • Autos Kenya
  • Kenya Car Bazaar
  • Auto Classifieds Kenya
  • Kenya Auto Bazaar
  • Car Bazaar
  • Cars45
  • PataUza
  • Oro


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