Why Kenyans love Japanese cars, Toyota,Mazda,Nissan and Honda


Majority of Kenyans buy Japanese cars because of the following reasons:


The Japanese cars are very affordable, you can get a good cars from japan for as low as 1 million. The cars brand like Honda, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota are very affordable in Kenya and also low maintenance.


The Japanese cars have a reputation for being very dependable. The dependability of the Japanese cars is because of they are made with high-quality parts, with minor maintenance and care can keep the Japanese car on road for years to come. Even when buying a low mileage Japanese engines for sale, used engine and transmissions are still reliable 


Japan have a strict rule for cars and make sure that the cars are off high quality, they are very strict make sure all the cars are done for quality test. Every few year the car owners have to pay a high fine and get their cars inspected, which is why there is a high turnover rate in ownership. The overall condition of the Japanese cars is almost perfect, even with the used ones.


When you buy a new car or slightly used Japanese car, you are most likely going to get a good amount likely going to get a good amount of money for it if you decide to sell. Japanese car hold up their parts are always stock, which makes for an eager buyer market.


The biggest benefit of owning the Japanese car is the fuel efficiency. With the cost of fuel going up everyday in Kenya, the Japanese cars will sort you out. If it a car for business you are buying, you really have to consider the fuel economy of the car.


The spare parts of the Japanese cars are readily available.  The cost of the Japanese car space parts are very affordable. This means there are tons of used parts for Japanese cars that are in good condition. You will not have trouble looking for the spare parts.


All cars should meet certain safety standard, and japan make sure of that. They go beyond to keep the passengers safe. If safety is your number one priority they Japanese car have your back with things like airbags, backup camera and ABS brakes.


In the present world today technology is one of the things that excites us. Japanese is the most technology-obsessed tribe on this planet. Whenever they initiate new electronic or mechanical apparatus, they try to use the latest technology. Japanese cars have the following tech to make your driving more enjoyable are, Bluetooth connectivity, hands-free calling and navigation. You should also consider a built-in infotainment system i.e compatibility with apple car play and android auto. Other latest technology are.

  • Electrical powered cars
  • Electric steering cars
  • Hybrid powered cars


Japan is a small country, many people in japan use public mean of transportation .that means the Japanese drivers put less mileage on cars. Alsop they have to pay extra tax based on mileage. Moreover, they have one type of shaken law that prompts car owners to put low mileage on cars.


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