Waihiga Mwaura Biography


Waihiga Mwaura is a renowned journalist in Kenya and he has worked for Royal media for 14yrs. He has been a sports journalist before becoming a news anchor and hosting politicians on his show.

Real Name:                Waihiga Mwaura

Year of Birth:            June 6th 1984

Age:                             39yrs

Gender:                        Male

Career:                        Journalist

County of Birth:          Donholm Estate (Eastlands)

Relationship Status:    married

Wife:                             Joyce Omondi Wahiga

Awards:                      CNN Multichoice African Award/Komla Dumor 2018/2015 Inaugral Mo Amin

Nationality:                  Kenyan

Networth:                    unknown

Early Life

He is a famous Kenyan Journalist. Waihiga was born on June 6th 1984 in Dolnhom Estate, Eastlands. His family later moved to Westlands where he grew up and spent his childhood life.


Waihiga comes from a Christian family. He was born to David mwaure Waihiga a Kenyan Politician/Bishop and Justice Anna Ngibuini Mwaure. He has two siblings. Waihiga’s father ran for presidency in 2022 where he lost. However he is still active in politics.  


Waihiga shifted his career multiple times before deciding to be a journalist. He said he was not sure about the career he wanted, As a young man he wanted to be a neurosurgeon having been inspired by Ben Carson, a pilot, he later shifted to engineering before finally settling for computer science.

While doing computer science, Waihiga enjoyed it because of networking and the internet which were then trending in Kenya, however, when he went for an internship he realized he didn’t like it much as he had thought previously. Waihiga changed and started working as a cashier at a bank; this too did not satisfy him. While working as a bank cashier, he was also an MC for events at his church and his pastor then urged him to try out media, but Waihiga did not take it that seriously.

Waihiga later reached out to his mentor a news anchor, because he wanted to try the media career. He got a spot at Zinduka show that discussed entrepreneurship, he later joined power breakfast show at the same time he also hosted a sports show. He worked for the power breakfast show for a period of 2yrs and moved to become a producer and also worked on the morning daybreak show and hosted Friday news.

Waihiga is the first Kenyan Journalistto win the Komla Dumor Award in 2018 for his story telling ability and the screen presence that set him apart from the others.

Moreover, Waihiga announced yesterday his departure from the Royal Media Services after serving for 14yrs. He is joining the BBC media abroad.


Waihiga Mwaura got married to the love of his life Joyce Omondi Waihiga on 18th November in 2015. They dated secretly and their wedding was a surprise to many of their friends. Their wedding took place in Naivasha County at the Sawela Lodge.

In attendance to their wedding were their colleagues from Citizen TV where Joyce and Waihiga worked. Their wedding was lavish. Waihiga said he pursued Joyce for a long time after seeing her at Rauka show before she could accept his proposal. They do not have any children.



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