Best time to buy land in Kenya—rainy season


The best time to buy land in Kenya is during rainy season. You will be surprised that real estate companies don’t advertise land during rainy season because they know the land they are selling is not located in good area, flooding happens there. Most of the plots are located in areas not accessible during rainy season. Potential buyers aren’t informed about the plot, sellers wait until rain is over for them to start advertising the land.

There was a guy who purchased a plot at Kikopey in 2021 for Ksh 2 million when it was dry. He started building a house. Recently, when it started raining, the house was submerged in water. He has incurred losses.

If you are buying land in Kamulu, Joska, Kikopey, Nakuru, Kisumu and Mombasa, make sure you understand the condition of the plots when it rains. If the area is accessible, then you can go ahead and purchase the land. There are plots in Nakuru near the lake, such plots flood during rainy season. Sellers wait until it’s dry to sell them. When it rains in Kamulu and Joska, you may not access your land.

Another season to buy land in Kenya is between January and March when children are returning to school. This time, parents are desperate to get cash for school fees and other bills. You can get land in any area cheaply.

During election period is also ideal. During election period, land is cheap in areas like Eldoret, Kisumu and Nakuru because of political uncertainties.


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