100 best Profitable Businesses to start in Ghana with little capital and become a millionaire


There are over 100 profitable businesses to start in Ghana especially for the youth. Below we have compiled the best businesses to start and become a millionaire.

  • Beauty Products Store

It is true women always want to look pretty and they want their hair, body and faces to look and feel a certain way. According to the research reports, 90% of women in Ghana use beauty products.

Your task as a business person/entrepreneur is to ensure you find the quality products to sell to your clients.

  • Car Dealership

All you need as an entrepreneur is to know where to source the right types of vehicles. The one’s slightly used. There is a high demand for slightly used vehicles in Ghana because they are affordable.

  • Event Planning

There is no business that is easy to start; all that is required is commitment, discipline and determination. Event planning may have challenges at the beginning but once you are on your feet, it is one profitable business.

  • Digital Marketing

The world is improving on a daily basis when it comes to technology. Many businesses are now done online, you can start your own digital marketing agency and provide the necessary online services to businesses.

  • Real Estate Business

Land has always appreciated over time. With real estate business which consists of land, building, structures etc. You can create your own real estate venture to sell and manage properties.

  • Poultry Farming

This is one of the most profitable businesses in Ghana, despite the numerous farms available the market too is huge for everybody to sell their products. The demand for eggs and chicken is high and favorite among the Ghanaians’.

  • Delivery/Courier Services

There has been an increase in online shopping all over the country, due to this delivery services have increased making it one of the best businesses to begin in Ghana. You will get a lot of patronage if your services stand out from the rest.

  • Chocolate Processing

Ghana is one of the biggest producer and exporter of cocoa in the world. People will pay for good chocolate if you start one, which will also be affordable on the production side.

  • Taxi Business

If you have the money, you can buy a car to be used in taxi business. People are always moving from one place to another, hence the demand for taxi services. Once you are doing well you can purchase more cars and employ drivers to work for you.

  • Drop Shipping & E-Commerce

This involves selling products on the internet, these two fields are on high demand currently in Ghana. As an entrepreneur who wants to venture into this business, you must do enough research before you start, then start an online store. This is one of the most profitable businesses in Ghana.

  • Driving School

To start this business you need a vehicle and a trainer, the trainer could be yourself. Register the business with the necessary government and begin. It is one of the profitable businesses if you get the right amount of people to train.

  • Dry Cleaning

This business does well especially in big cities and towns because people are overwhelmed with work and have no time to attend to their clothes.  Providing dry cleaning services is one of the profitable businesses in Ghana to start.

  • Fish Farming

This business does not require much, just a small piece of land because the market is readily available.

  • Food Canteen/Restaurant

If you have cooking skills or cooking is your passion, this is the business for you. Get a small place and start cooking different dishes that you know are popular. If you cannot afford a big place, canteen is the right size to start with. People will buy the take away food.

  • Photography

You just need to have the necessary photographic skills to start this business. The demand has increased over time; you can work closely with even planners to get jobs every now and then.

  • Makeup Artist

Do you have the necessary makeup skills; this is one of the luxurious business in Ghana. You can partner with clothing shops, salons and other beauty establishments to get work. Professional makeup artists are usually on demand.

  • Pharmacy

If you are familiar with this area and you do not have the papers or qualify from the medical school, you can always team up with the person that posses the right documentation from a government authorized institution and begin one, however the person to be employed at the pharmacy must qualify and have the necessary required documentation to avoid having trouble with the government.

  • Grocery Store/Shop

This is another profitable business, people are always buying food, and they will always buy food because it is required for human survival. Setting up a grocery store with different if not all types of vegetable will give you returns, all you need is a consistent source from where to get the fruits and vegetables.

  • Car Wash Business

This business requires one to have a sizeable space, water and soap to begin. There are many people who have vehicles and car wash are not enough.

  • Hardware Store

A hardware store sells different building materials, from paint, cement, etc. This is also profitable when you get people to supply the building materials to.

  • Catering Services

Weddings, birthdays, parties are always looking for caterers to do the budgets and prepare food for them. There are so many festivals held every now and then requiring caterers.

  • Daycare Centre

It requires a room or even an apartment. The room needs to be well ventilated and decorated beautifully for babies. There are many career parents who prefer to drop and pick their children from daycare.

  • Gym/Fitness Centre

This business requires a space and the right gym equipment, if you are not familiar with it, you can always hire a trainer and pay them either on a weekly or monthly basis.

  • Salon

This is another booming business, with the right skills you can open a salon or do it mobile. Ladies always want to look beautiful and if you have skills that stand out and charge the right amount of money, your business will not only expand but you will be happy and increase on your staff.

  • Vlogging

This in other words is video blogging; vloggers make and upload videos on YouTube. There are many blogs on twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc.

  • Blogging

Bloggers make money by writing about different issues in the community and in return by linking their websites to AdSense they are able to get. This requires one to have a website, a laptop and specific topics to write about. With a lot of traffic to your website your pay is will always increase.

  • Website Design

Many businesses, organizations and firms require websites making this a marketable and a profitable business. This business requires little to no money to begin, however you will require contacts of people that need your services.

  • Fast Food Shop

This will only be a take away shop for chicken, chips/French fries, sausages, burgers etc.

  • Graphic Design

This skill is the most sought after in this technological world. You need a good laptop and the skills to design different things from logos, banners, cards, posters letter heads etc. you can also work from home.

  • Renting Cars

This business requires a car that is in good shape. If you own several cars that are not in use often, you could rent them instead of them staying and becoming a liability.

  • Waste Management

The waste management is an issue in Ghana; the government is still trying to ensure the garbage is disposed properly throughout the nation. One can come up with an waste management agency and start making money from it.

  • Bar Joint

This is one of the most lucrative businesses in Ghana. It does not cost much to start but the profit is huge.

  • Palm Oil

This oil is both used in commercial and cooking at home. With the right source one can supply in retail and wholesale and make profit.

  • Printing of Recharge Cards

This is another lucrative business done by many people in Ghana, however, despite the number of people in the business, there is still room for those stating on the same.

  • Farming

Crop framing is another business one can begin; the biggest export from Africa is the agricultural goods.

  • Boutique

One must decide the type of clothes they are going to sell before starting this business. Clothes wear off quickly hence the need to buy new ones every now and then.

  • Spa

There are several services offered at a spa besides massages, there is makeup, hair removal, skin care etc. This is one of the many profitable businesses in Ghana.

  •  Phone Accessories

There are different phone brands in the market, the cases, earphones, and other phone related accessories. Selling phones is a profitable business depending with the source one is getting the phones and the accessories from.

  • Jewelry Business

This does not require a lot of capital to begin. Apart from advertising it online one can also come up with a store.

  • Guest Houses

This would do well in towns and big cities, where people travel and need a place to rest. It needs several rented rooms with beds, bed sheets and blankets, soap and water should also be available.

  • Fruit Juice

Selling fresh blended fruit juice is another profitable business. One needs to get the right source of different fruits and look for a small place to begin the business.

  • Cleaning Agency

It requires one to have equipment and trained personnel to start the business.

  • Logistics Business

This business requires enough space and quite an amount of investment in terms of money. However, it brings good returns once established.

  • Cyber Café

There are many people and homes without the internet which a cyber café can provide. The market for this business is readily available; one needs an internet and several computers.

  • Tutoring

With the right education and experience this is a profitable business, charging on hourly basis for the services one provides.

  • Social Media Management

This requires social media skills and knowing what the client needs. Easy to start and manage the business.

  • Nanny Agency

There are homes that require professional nannies and they look for the nannies from agencies. This is a simple business that requires one to look for the right personnel and train them.

  • Dog selling

There are several breeds of dogs in the market; this market is ready because many people are looking for pets and also dogs that can provide security.

  • Footwear Business

Footwear is one of the basic things human beings need in life. It does not require high capital to begin this business.

  • Furniture Business

This business requires quite a heavy investment but the returns are also heavy in profit.

  • Photocopying, Printers Machines Business

These machines can be imported at a fair price. They have a good profit margin hence a good business to start.

  • Music Equipment Business

This is one of the lucrative business ventures. It requires a big investment and a good plan to execute it.

  • Electrical Shop

It does not require much capital to start, however one must have the knowledge on the product line in this sector.

  • Translator

It is difficult to find translator because there is no agency that recommends them, however as a business person you may start a translating recruiting agency to assist firms, organizations and companies in hiring them. This business does not necessary need investment.

  • Psychology Services

This is a rising profession on demand, one only needs the right education and the license to operate, and having an office to help people is the only thing required.

  • Law Consultation Services

This can be done in various sections/sectors, especially if one understands the law i.e. (lawyers) to be specific can open an office and later a firm to assist citizens at a fee.

  • Commercial Shelves Rent

This is easier to set up in your office, shop or even a warehouse to earn you an extra income.

  • Travelling Agency

There are many people travelling around Ghana and outside and some of them have no idea of the places they are visiting. By having the travelling agency you can provide them with the necessary information and even transportation at a cost.

  • Garage

Opening a garage requires space and knowledge and the necessary skills of diagnosing, fixing and servicing the vehicle.

  • Kente Cloth

They are bought during wedding ceremonies, a very common item among the ghanians especially during a wedding.

  • Small Scale Manufacturing

This business requires one to do enough research on fast moving products to be supplied. It will also require quite an amount of investment.

  • Cake Baking

This can be done from the house for parties, events and delivered, does not require a lot of money to start.

  • Real Estate Agency

Real estate is an ever a growing market in the country and despite every business having its challenges, with increased standards of living selling and buying houses/land always has a good profit margin.

  • Insurance Company

It requires a huge investment, however the returns area also big.

  • Street Food Vendor

Many people love and prefer street food because it is fresh and tasty, hence is requires cooking skills, the products to prepare and the license and right location.

  • Phone Repairing Services

There are many people to serve in this business. It has a ready market and does not require much to begin it. The right skills a small office that is all that is required to begin.

  • Television Repairing Services

Just like any other repairing business it requires skills to fix problems and a place to repair them from. That is all needed to begin.

  • Laptop Repairing Services

This business should deal with laptops, desktops, anything related to computers. The requirements to start are the tools, skills/experience and a place to work from.  

  • Bookshop

Do enough research and know the types of books you want to sell and know the market/audience you are targeting. Choose the right, strategic location to sell from and then look for the supplier.

  • Butchery

People love meat of different kinds, as a business person one should know the type of meat they want to sell/identify with as a business.

  • Car selling

Import and sell cars, you can choose if you want to sell the slightly used or the new ones.

  • Green House Farming

The green house farming is among those doing well in the market. It will require not only the space but also the right covering to keep the plants from directly being hit by the sun.

  • Hair Manufacturing Business

This industry is big with ready consumer market especially ladies who prefer their hairs to be braided in a certain way at different times.

  • Car Care accessories

The car accessories business is lucrative since repairing damaged auto components and accessories is necessary if an individual wants your automobile to keep driving and serve the function you purchased it for.

  • Recreational centre

This requires a piece of land and creativity that will make people enjoy and relax when they visit the place.

  • Scented Candle Making

This sells because it acts like an air freshener in the homes, and there is always a demand for it, besides it also provides light.

  • Furniture Refurbishing Business

Repairing the old chairs with new materials and fixing broken areas is a business which is profitable and does not necessarily require one to have a location. One can be mobile and even advertise their services through the social media platforms.

  • Garment Manufacturing Business

Creating a garment manufacturing business requires one to invest on the labour and machines etc. It is profitable because one will sell at a wholesale/distributor level.

  • Virtual Assistant

One can start a company that provides virtual assistants to assists individuals and companies.

  • Motorcycle Business

Selling motorcycle is another profitable business to begin, because many are buying this machine to operate with it for their businesses.

  • Resume Writing Business

Many people in Ghana do not know how to professionally build their resume, the market is already there, with the skills and a laptop/computer you are ready to begin.

  • Dog Training Business

If you are a dog expert you could open a centre to train dogs for security and other purposes. This is another business that does not have many people doing it, but it is profitable in the long run.

  • Interior Design Business

This has a good profit margin, requires people with skills and who can deliver the work in a professional manner. The market is there, you just have to have a business card, a small office etc.

  • Chandelier Business

They are known to be one of the things that decorate the house/office. They also have a great profit margin, one just needs the right source to supply from/import from.

  • Flower Shop

There are people who love flowers and would buy just to have a garden of them in their houses, offices and even schools. It does not require a lot of money to begin

  • Freelancer

This requires a laptop to start and good writing skills. s

  • Painter

Apart from the real estate industry there are new buildings are old ones which require painters, seek to secure a contract even with an institution for your services and watch yourself grow big.

  • Pure bottled Water Company

It requires some space, bottles and the machine to help in the whole process.  

  • Snail Farming

This is part of the dishes served at homes and restaurants, and even exported to other countries. It requires a small space and skills on how to rear the snails. s

  • Vegetable Farming

It requires a sizeable land to farm a variety of vegetable. The market is always there.

  • Mobile Money Agent

Choose a place in your neighborhood that is a little bit busy and register a merchant SIM with one of Ghana’s three big carriers, MTN Ghana, Airtel-Tigo, or Vodafone. All you require to launch your mobile money agent service is that.

  • ECG Prepaid Vendor

Few people are aware of the extremely profitable company that anyone in Ghana may start with relative ease: selling ECG prepaid credit.

  • Rent Construction Equipment

In Ghana’s cities, there is an increasing number of multi-story construction projects that call for more sophisticated tools like concrete mixers, reusable formwork, scaffoldings, etc. Making this a lucrative business which will also require deep pockets to begin.

  • Microfinance

It is a costly startup. To handle your loan portfolio, you need a qualified finance staff. You also require a powerful debt collection system.

  • Supplier of First Aid Kits to companies

You can start by producing tiny specialist kits for businesses from your home. For instance, if you’re providing supplies to a company that manufactures chemicals, your kit may include extra products that are appropriate for chemical burns.

  • Special Needs Trainer

If your home has the space, start by working one-on-one with a few individuals and asking them to act as your testimonies. You may eventually relocate to a location that is more practical and permits you to hold group classes. Your company can also provide services to kids with impairments, but again, training is necessary.

  • DJ

Young professionals in many different industries are using DJ-ing as a secondary source of income. Due to the fact that most events take place after work hours, full-time employees can earn extra money by singing and playing music at various events. Alternately, increase your clientele by working as a full-time DJ who also performs at corporate and educational events that can happen during the day.

  • Custom Curtain Maker

Capitalizing on curtain making has a lucrative market and it also enhances your passion for interior design. With a business plan, you can offer a variety of services, including designing, making, and installing window treatments..

  • Provide Nail Services

This is a growing industry today; one can deliver services from door to door with the necessary skills and equipment.

  • Children’s Book writer

If you are gifted or interested in this sector, there are varieties of books for children of different age groups


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