Best and most profitable business to start in Tanzania 2023/2024


There are a number of most profitable businesses to start in Tanzania which can generate for you Tsh 10,000 to Tsh 300,000 per day. When contemplating of starting a business always do your research to determine the most appropriate one, the one that won’t generate losses.

Here is a list of the best and most profitable businesses to start in Tanzania 2023/2024:

  • Grow tomatoes

Tomato business is among the most profitable businesses in Tanzania. As long as you have land, all you need is capital to buy tomato seeds and plant them. In three months, you will have your tomatoes ready for sale. You need a capital of Tsh 100,000 to Tsh 1 million to start growing tomatoes. One acre will generate a profit of more than Tsh 5 million.

  • Chicken rearing business

Rear Kienyeji chicken and sell to hotels. This is a good business for a serious farmer. You need a capital of Tsh 50,000 only to start this business.

  • Airbnb & guest houses

If you have enough capital for building guest houses, you can go ahead and build in major towns. But this one is capital intensive. A good alternative is to start Airbnb business where you rent houses and rent out to your clients—you don’t have to be the owner of the house.

  • Start a hospital/clinic

In Tanzania, one business that will not let you down is owning a clinic/hospital. You don’t have to possess a relevant degree for you to own one. But the capital for starting the business is high, over Tsh 10 million.

Clinic is a good business to start with, you will expand it over time to make it a large hospital.

  • Long distance transport business

Another underrated business is long distance transport business. Look for capital to buy a truck to transport goods over long distance. The business is currently booming because demand for Tanzanian products I Kenya and Uganda is overwhelming. They will also transport goods to Rwanda and Congo.

If you don’t have capital to buy a truck, take a loan and repay from profits generate through the business.

  • Grocery shop

Set up a grocery shop particularly in major towns. It’s one of the cheapest businesses to start in Tanzania. You need a capital of Tsh 50,000 to Tsh 500,000 to start the business.

Grocery shop entails selling of vegetables and fruits. You will earn daily profits of Tsh 20,000 and above

  • Bodaboda business

Buy a bodaboda which you will use to ferry people within your town.Bodaboda business is among the booming businesses in Tanzania. There are companies offering bodaboda loans in Tanzania for people who don’t have ready capital.

  • Online taxi business

Companies like Uber are offering online taxi options where to install the Apps and wait for customers to make orders. You need to buy a car with low CC like 1,500 which does not consume a lot of fuel. The capital required is Tsh 3 million only.

Online taxi business will yield over Tsh 30,000 daily.

  • Own a chemist shop

People often visit Chemist to buy drugs before visiting hospitals. Research shows that chemist business is one of the most profitable businesses to start in Tanzania. You will get clients the same day you start the business.

  • Mobile money and bank agency business

You should also think of starting a business of mobile money and agency. You won’t make any losses, profits will be extremely high in high traffic areas.

You need a shop where people come to transact. Mobile money companies will pay you commissions for each transaction made.

  • Start a YouTube channel

YouTube is one of the highest paying online jobs in Tanzania. There are YouTubers making more than Tsh 10 million per month. People like Diamond Platnumz make over Tsh 100 million monthly.

To start earning from your YouTube channel, it should be at least 12 months old, it should be having over 1,000 subscribers. The videos should be having over 4,000 watch time hours. AdSense is the main monetization platform for YouTubers in Tanzania.

You will be making over Tsh 3 million per 1 million views.

  • Blogging

Another best business to start in Tanzania is blogging. To create a blog you need a capital of Tsh 100,000 to Tsh 300,000.After creating one, you can start making money through AdSense, sponsored content, selling of ad space and marketing of your own products. AdSense is the easiest way to make money through your blog.

If you grow your traffic to 1 million views monthly, you will be making at least Tsh 4 million.

  • Web design business

Another profitable business in Tanzania is providing web design services. There are thousands of companies wanting to own websites, they will need your services. You will charge at least Tsh 100,000 per website.

Web design business require some IT skills which you can learn online. You don’t have to pursue computer related course for you to offer web design services, you can train yourself online.

  • Offer web hosting services

Web hosting is another sector which is growing rapidly in Tanzania. If you do web design for companies and individuals, you can incorporate web hosting service. There are several web hosting companies in Tanzania which offer reseller services, you don’t have to own servers to provide the services.

  • Recruiting agency

Start a website that offer recruiting services. You will offer CV writing services, cover letter writing services as well as advertise jobs. You will also recruit for employers in Gulf countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman.

The business is profitable but underrated.

  • PlayStation business

PlayStation business in Dar Es Salaam will be very profitable. There are many youths who will come to your shop to play and pay for the services. The best thing is that it’s not flooded.

Each day you will be making Tsh 50,000 to Tsh 500,000.

But to run the business efficiently, make sure you have CCTV in your shop to avoid theft. The shop should also be big enough with comfortable seats to accommodate all your customers.

  • Car wash business

There are many people owning cars in major towns and cities. Car wash is a necessity for them. Get small capital, like Tsh 1 million and set up a car wash business. You will reap big from it.

You need a pump for water, a shed and cleaning items. The required capital range between Tsh 300,000 to Tsh 1 million.

  • Offer mobile loans

Nowadays people prefer loans through their mobile phones than from banks. Create an App offering mobile loans to your clients and earn interest. You will charge interest of 8% to 20%.

You can offer smartphone loans, bodaboda loans, logbook loans and other loans through the smartphone.

  • Spare part business

Sell spare parts for bodaboda and motor vehicles. Though the business require high amount of capital, it’s profitable enough to make you rich within a short time. You need a capital of more than Tsh 20 million for this business. But once set up, your daily profit will be more than Tsh 100k.

  • Hardware

There is construction everywhere as people build their own homes and apartments. Hardware shop is needed everywhere to provide construction materials.

In case you need a business with 100% assurance of profits, think of starting a hardware shop.

  • eCommerce site

People nowadays prefer buying products online especially through eCommerce sites like Amazon and Jumia.If you set up the business, you will smile all through to the bank in the long-run.The business may take long to grow but eventually, it will become a success.

  • Mitumba bale business

You can start the business of importing mitumba bales and selling them in Tanzania at a profit.If your capital is not enough, start from the bottom by selling mitumba in retail. It’s very easy to start mitumba business and also easy to run it.

  • Restaurant

Restaurant is a profitable business to start in a town setting. Since food is a basic need, you won’t miss to get clients. But you have to cook delicious meals and sell them at reasonable prices for you to attract and retain customers.

You can own a coffee shop, fast food restaurant or a general restaurant. General restaurant is the best because it contains all kinds of foods, which attracts clients of all calibers.

  • Wines & Spirits shop

Millions of Tanzanians take alcohol. Setting wines & spirits shop won’t be a bad idea. All you need is a license to operate the business. It’s a good business for people with small capital.

  • Boutique

Boutique shop is for people who don’t prefer mitumba, they want to wear new clothes. There are millions of working class people who can afford clothes from turkey.

Your boutique should sell sneakers, dresses and jeans because those are the ones which have the best selling rate.

  • Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is ideal for people working online. Through affiliate marketing, they earn commissions. Web hosting, betting and ecommerce companies like Jumia are the ones offering affiliate marketing opportunities. They pay commissions from 2% to 505.

To earn decent money from affiliate marketing, create a niche site. You should also own social media pages.

  • Executive salon

Executive salon will also do well in major towns. This will serve high and middle class population who will pay even Tsh 200,000.You need 2-3 clients per day to make over Tsh 100,000 per day.

In case you fail to get capital for executive salon, just set up a simple salon and grow over time.

  • Barber shop

Barbershop is an ideal business for the youth. A small capital is needed and setting up is not so difficult.

You will make Tsh 1000 to Tsh 3,000 per head. If you shave 20 people per day, you are rich.

  • Cosmetics shop

You will not go wrong with a cosmetics shop. This is a good business that targets women. The cosmetics industry is booming as women embrace beauty.

  • Build apartments

For those who have a capital of Tsh 50 million and above, you can think of building apartments for rent. You can do bedsitters, single rooms and one bedroom houses.

Apartments need serious investment, which is why loans are available for the same. When you have land, you can negotiate with a bank to secure a loan to build your apartments. Even if the interest will be high, rent collected will be enough to repay the loan.

  • Dairy farming

Milk is becoming more expensive as the population in Tanzania grow exponentially. Dairy farming is one of the most profitable businesses to start in Tanzania especially when you have enough land. You need a couple of Friesian cows, then you are good to go. Sell your milk to milk processing companies, hotels and to individuals. You can also own a milk ATM business.

  • Start a security company

Major businesses are in need of security guards because the police can’t offer sufficient security to everyone. Think of starting a security company, employ the youth. You will earn good cash from this business.

  • Matatu transport business

Buy a matatu and start the transport business. If well managed, you will grow within a short period of time.

  • Offer academic writing services

There are many university and college students who will need academic writing services. Create a website to offer such services—you will get clients through the website. Your work will be to do proposals and projects for college students and get paid.

  • Become a social media influencer

Create social media pages, grow them and get paid through sponsored posts and adverts. You will have to grow them to get millions of followers. If your Facebook has over 1 million followers, you will stand out, hence attracting advertisers.

  • Become real estate agent

Start buying and selling land and houses for companies and earn a commission. Huge commissions are paid to marketers. If you sell land worth Tsh 100 million, you will get a commission of 10%.

  • Daycare business

Start a daycare business which will host children for employed mothers.The business will also useful for busy mothers especially those running businesses and traveling outside the country.


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