Best Iron Sheet Companies in Kenya


If you want to buy iron sheets in Kenya, there are specific companies to buy from. Below is a list of the best iron sheet companies in Kenya:

  • Mabati Rolling Mills(MRM)

MRM is the best company to buy mabati from. The company has branches across the country. Though their iron sheets are more expensive than those sold by other companies, they offer the best quality. Before you think of buying from other companies, first think of buying from MRM.

  • Royal Mabati Company

The Sabaki stage sits across from the manufacturer’s Mlolongo facility on Mombasa Road. Among the goods produced by Royal Mabati Company are;

Commercial IT 5 Euro tile Profile, Corrugated Long Tile, and Bricktile Profiles from Rome.

The business also sells rubber washers, valleys, ridges, and roofing nails among other items. A 30-gauge Royal Mabati corrugated shiny costs around sh.430.

  • Devki Steel Mills Limited

In Gikomba, Devki Steel Mills began as a little steel merchant. Devki Steel Mills is one of Kenya’s most well-known brands of iron sheets because the company currently produces steel, cement, roofing sheets, and roofing tiles, in addition to offering aviation services. In accordance with your needs, they also offer a wide range of choices. For a 30-gauge iron sheet, they sell mabati roofing sheets for as little as sh. 530.

  • Imarisha Mabati LTD

Imarisha, which debuted in 2017, is arguably the newest participant in the iron sheet market. In the southern region of Nairobi, along Mombasa Road, the business has now developed into a six-roofing profile and accessories brand. Several of Imarisha Mabati’s items include;

  • Bamboo Tile
  • Metro Tile
  • Imarisha Box
  • Imarisha Classic
  • Imarisha Prime
  • Wave Tile
  • Rhino Mabati Factory Ltd

The Kitengela-based iron sheet brand maker creates specialized roofing mabati and other accessories. Some of their products include;

  • Jamii Tile
  • Roman Jamii Tile
  • Box Jamii Tile

Box Iron sheets are available in a variety of hues, including brick red, charcoal grey, and red. Rhino Mabati costs about 470sh per 1m.

  • Rafiki Roofing Mabati

Off of Busia Road in the Industrial Area is where you can find Rafiki Roofing Mabati. For more than 50 years, the business has been a reliable supplier to both residential and commercial customers, making it one of the top manufacturers of iron sheet in Kenya. Additionally, they provide quick and free deliveries in some areas. Their roofing products include things like;

  • Contempo 780/6
  • 1110/10
  • Corrugate 14/3
  • Rafiki Crimped
  • Rafiki Tile Corrugate 11/3
  • Maisha Mabati Mills Limited

The Devki Group of Companies, which has more than 30 years of experience in the production of high-quality steel, includes Maisha Mabati Limited. It is the sole producer of mabati in Nairobi and is situated in the town of Ruiru. Their geographic center makes distribution simple. 28-gauge Versatile Maisha colored roofing ridges cost about sh.780 per.

  • Super Mabati

On Elementaita Road, Nakuru Pipeline, is where you can find Super Mabati. About seven years ago, the brand maker was small but has now expanded to rival the industry’s biggest players. Products from Super Mabati include:

  • Sancot roofing sheets
  • Corrugated iron sheets
  • Box profile roofing sheets
  • Super Tiles roofing Tiles

Super Mabati roofing ridges and valleys typically cost 400 shillings.

  • Alfa Mabati Factory

For the Kenyan market, Alfa Mabati Factory produces premium standard iron roofing sheets. The company also manufactures premium aluminium-zinc roofs and has IBR roofing sheets that are seasonally conditioned to withstand all types of weather in Kenya.

  • Boma Mabati Factory

One of Kenya’s top producers of roofing products and other building supplies is Boma Mabati Factory. It manufactures and distributes iron sheets that are of the highest caliber, durable, and competitively priced, and they have a 15-year manufacturer’s warranty. The head office of Boma Mabati Factory is located adjacent to Mastermind Tobacco at Pacific Crest on Mombasa Road.

  • Heritage Mabati Mills

One of the mabati businesses in Kenya with the quickest growth is Heritage Mabati Mills Limited. Modern roofing materials are available from the company for both commercial and residential applications, and they offer high-quality and reasonably priced mabati for all roofing demands. The headquarters of Heritage Mabati Mills are located in Ruiru’s Life Industrial Park.

  • Ruiru Mabati Rolling Mills

One of Kenya’s top roofing suppliers is Ruiru Mabati Rolling Mills or Ruiru Mabati Factory. The business has more than ten years of experience in the field and provides roofing sheets of the highest caliber and durability at competitive costs in a variety of colors. The offices of Ruiru Mabati Factory are located on Ruiru Kamiti Road in Kiambu County, Kenya.

  • Skysail Mabati Factory

For the Kenyan market, Skysail Mabati Factory Limited deals with a variety of building supplies. The business is primarily recognized for providing decra roofing tiles and generating color roofing solutions. Skysail offers free nationwide shipping and other post-purchase services to its customers. Physically, the factory is situated at Lukenya Park C, GoDown 22, Athi River.

  • Tuffsteel Limited

Construction supplies are produced and distributed by Tuffsteel Limited. The business deals with the delivery of gutters, ridges, and roofing sheets made of galvanized steel. It offers profiles in all common sizes and gauges. The physical headquarters of Tuffsteel Limited are located at the Tuffsteel Complex on Mombasa Road in Nairobi, Kenya.


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