Best way to invest R50000 in South Africa


If you have R50000 in South Africa, there are many investments to make to get high returns. The amount will generate more than R1000 every month if invested wisely.

  • Buy shares

Buy shares from profitable companies. Do your own research to determine companies doing well in the stock market, then inject your money there. The money may not yield high returns initially but over time, the yields will be high.

  • Invest in bonds

Bonds offer high returns for your investment but they take several years to mature. Buy government bonds and wait for them to mature and earn interest. Bonds are not for people who want quick money, there are long term investments.

  • Start a profitable business

Do your own research to determine booming business. Set up the business. There are a number of businesses to start in South Africa for R50000 only. If you choose the right business, you’ll earn quick income, unlike investing in bonds and shares.

  • Invest in Money Market Fund

Money Market Fund generates interest daily. Old Mutual, Allan Gray and Sanlam are some of the best companies to invest your money with. They pay more than 10% interest on your investment.

If you invest R50000, you will earn over R5000 annually.

We are assuming that the starting amount is R50000.For you to earn more and more, you have to keep on invest more and more into your account.

  • Fixed Deposit Account

Fixed Deposit Account ensures that you gain financial discipline as you save your money in the account. You will only withdraw money after 3 months,6 months,12 months or even longer period depending on how you agree with the bank. Fixed deposit account yields interest of 4% to 15% per year depending on the amount of money you invest and the bank you invest with.Stanbic Bank is among the best banks for fixed deposit account in South Africa.

  • Start online business

There are many online businesses to start in South Africa with R500000.You can start a YouTube channel, use the R50000 to buy equipment and to promote your channel. If your videos are of high quality and attractive enough for your audience, you will earn millions of dollars annually.

YouTube pays R10 to R50 per 1000 views in South Africa.

You can also start an Ecommerce site and sell products online. Blogging is also another option.

  • Retirement annuities

Annuities are the best investments for people who plan to retire and live without any financial issues. Annuities will pay you monthly income for the rest of your life. If you invest R50000 now, the money will yield more than R100000 in 25 years.

Most of you may think 25 years from now is very far, but the truth is, it’s near. Plan your retirement and avoid miseries after turning 55 years.

  • Invest in Bitcoin

Bitcoin will yield the best returns, but depending on the time you invest your money. You can invest R50000 today and within a year you make over R100000.

  • Unit Trusts

Buy Unit Trusts from Investment companies, banks and insurance companies. Unit Trusts are safe investments which ensure that your principal amount is not subjected to any risk.

The good thing about Unit Trusts is that they yield interest daily.Unit Trusts also allow you to withdraw your money anytime you feel like.


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