Mitumba business profit in Nairobi


Mitumba is one of the most profitable businesses in Nairobi if it’s done well. This is one of those businesses that people ignore and underrate but it’s very profitable. With a capital of Ksh 20, 000, you will comfortably start this business.

Mitumba business requires that you understand your clients. Decide whether you are selling shoes, men clothes, women clothes or baby clothes. But the most profitable one is for babies and women. Men don’t buy clothes more often. Someone can buy one jeans today and wait for two years to buy another one. But women can buy a dress every money or even after every two weeks.

The bad thing about women clothes is that the profit margin is small. You will buy a dress for Ksh 800 today and sell the same for Ksh 100.But men clothes are expensive and their profit margins are high.

One thing you should consider is location.Mitumba clothes are purchased by people in slums and middle income estates. People in Runda and Muthaiga won’t buy.The best locations are Rongai,Pipeline,Kayole,Kitengela,Kangemi,Utawala and other similar estates with high population. Even in Nairobi CBD you can make good sales.

After setting up the business, now is your turn to make money. The business does not generate uniform profits, there is a season for sales. During festive season, the sales are high but from February they are low.Generally,you will make Ksh 500 to Ksh 5,000 per day from the business. On average, expect to make Ksh 1,000 daily.

You can opt to focus on mitumba business in retail scale or sell bales. However, starting mitumba bale business require a lot of capital. The minimum capital required is Ksh 500,000.The profits for mitumba bales are high. On average, you will be making Ksh 10,000 daily. Most of those selling mitumba bales are millionaires. There is a lady who makes Ksh 50,000 daily after expenses.

It’s not always that you will generate profit from this business, sometimes you can make losses especially in January when people’s priorities are paying school fees for their children. You are required to save whatever you made in December so as to use it in January in case you don’t make sales.


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