Smocha business and profit in Kenya


Smocha is one of the most favourite meals by people in Nairobi.Instead of them eating in restaurants, they opt to eat Smocha which is cheaper.

Smocha comprises of chapati, smokies,kachumbari and tomato sauce. You cut the smoky into two pieces and put kachumbari inside, pour some tomato sauce and fold with a chapati.The combination is what we call as smocha.

The cost of one Smocha,is Ksh 100 to Ksh 150 depending on where to buy it.Most people take smocha plus a drink or soup.

This is something you can prepare even at home for your family.

You can even eat several pieces of smocha because it tastes good.


If you are planning to start this business, I will highly encourage you because it’s very profitable. The daily profits range between Ksh 1,000 and Ksh 4,000.In a month you have to make over Ksh 40,000.

The good thing is that you don’t need a license to operate the business—but you will be paying County Government daily charges. They charge Ksh 50 to Ksh 100 per day.

  • Capital required

The capital required is Ksh 20,000 to Ksh 50,000.

The business is more profitable during lunch hours and from 8 am.The food is ideal for people working in offices who don’t take heavy lunch.


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