Why Kenyans are stranded and living in the streets in Canada


There are reports that Kenyans in Canada are suffering, most of them are living in the streets. But there are others who are working and doing well. Kenyans who want to go to Canada are asking many questions, one of them regarding jobs and accommodation in Canada. When they hear that other Kenyans are stranded, they get scared.

Most Kenyans go to Canada through agents who fail to provide them with accurate information. They advertise for unskilled jobs in Canada but fail to link them with the jobs. When they fly and land in Canada, the agents disappear, they don’t communicate with them. Kenyans arrive in Canada and get stranded.

Before one flies to Canada, they must have an employer and ensure they get a work permit. They should also arrange for accommodation. You can’t just go to Canada blindly without knowing who will accommodate you, where you will work and how you will get the job.

The agents hide a lot of information from their clients, they don’t tell Kenyans the truth. All they want is money .

The most unfortunate thing is that Kenyans always assume that there are plenty of jobs abroad, they can do any job and become millionaires. This is not the case. Kwanza in Canada, there are locals with work permit and education who cannot get jobs. What about someone from Kenya without education, without work permit or employer?

Immediately the Kenyans arrive in Canada and discover that there are not jobs, no accommodation or anyone to talk to, they go to sleep in the streets. Efforts to contact their agents in Kenya fail completely.

Here is an opinion from one of the Kenyans:

“Lately I have seen a lot of advertisements from agents asking people to pay amounts in the range of Kshs.200,000 to 600,000 so that they can help them secure visas to Canada 🇨🇦

And then I have seen pictures of many Kenyans 🇰🇪 who acquired these visitors’ visas sleeping in the streets. Fall has began. Winter will soon be here. And it will snow heavily. Snow is cold. It’s not child’s play.

Before you know it, you can lose your limbs to the cold. You’ll die a painful death.

What these agents did is they told them, lied to them… I will get you a visitor’s visa and you will go over there and immediately get a job where you can earn over 500,000 per month… gross exaggeration… but not totally wrong. If you work as an unskilled labourer 24 hours a day, you might make that…

What these agents are failing to tell people is that you can’t work on a visitor’s visa. There’s a process to change that to a working visa. People who have been through the process don’t talk about it unless they trust you… get info, get the full 411 before you pay the agent your life savings… In other words, make the decision from an informed POV…


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