Fare price for Prestige shuttle from Nairobi to Nakuru?


Prestige Shuttle is the best shuttle to use from Nairobi to Nakuru.The fare price currently is Ksh 700 only.This fare price is during normal traveling period. During peak seasons like Christmas, they increase fare to Ksh 1,000 or Ksh 1,200.If you are planning to use Prestige from 12 December to 3 January, expect to pay more money.

Prestige takes 2 and half to three hours from Nairobi to Nakuru,it’s the most comfortable shuttle to use especially from Nairobi to Nakuru,Kisumu,Eldoret and Western Kenya.

To use Prestige to Nakuru and back, you will spend Ksh 1,400 in total.

The good thing about this shuttle is that they don’t carry excess passenger.Even when someone alights,they don’t add other passengers.The comfort is amazing.


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