Signs of being middle class


There are signs which will show you that you have reached middle class status. This is where your life is at a point you don’t struggle much financially. To know that you are already in the middle class, here are the signs:

You earn passive income

Apart from employment, you are also earning passive income. This means that even if your job is terminated today, you will still survive without financial constraints.

You remain with money to invest/savings after paying bills

After paying all the bills, you still remain with money to save/invest .You even have extra money for entertainment.

Your children are in good schools

If your children are in good schools yet you don’t struggle to pay the fee, then you are in the upper class category. But the school fees should not be obtained through loans.

More than 90% of people want to live in your estate

If you live in an estate where over 90% of people want to live, you are already in middle class. It means your estate can only be occupied by few people. It’s a dream estate for many people.

You don’t finance your lifestyle with loans

You only finance your lifestyle with your own money, not loans. The loans should be for boosting businesses or expanding your empire, not for buying basic needs.

You have health insurance policy

If you have health insurance policy that you pay for without necessarily being pushed to, it means you are already in the middle class. Health insurance policy will help you cover hospital bills, freeing your bank account from being invaded by the bills.

More than 90% of lower class people don’t have health insurance policy. Those who have do so through an institution which has employed them.

You have investments

You have invested in real estate, fixed deposit account, Unit Trust, Bonds and shares. Those investments generate decent income monthly.

You have a decent home

When you have a home where you don’t pay rent, there are high chances you are in the middle class category. The home should be a decent one.

You don’t take mobile loans

Mobile loans are not for rich people, they target the poor. If you are still taking mobile loans, you’re not yet in the middle class category. Mobile loans are similar to salary advance. The moment you find yourself taking these loans regularly, know that you aren’t middle class.

Your savings can sustain your life for more than 10 years

If you have saved millions of dollars which can sustain you for more than 10 years, you are in the middle class level.

Losing your job won’t affect you financially

You don’t depend on your full time for survival. Even if you lose your job, life will continue as normal. You have saved and invested enough that would make you independent of your job.


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