List of Best Businesses to start near police Station


There are many businesses one can stat near a police station and make money. Some of the police stations have temporary cells where law breakers are held temporarily. Police officers will also buy from you.

Below is a list of best businesses to start near a police station:


Hotel business is ideal near a police station because people must eat. You will be selling to people coming to see their loved ones, police officers and those released from the cells. Start a small hotel where you sell basic food cheaply.

—-Photocopy/printing and scanning business

You should also consider setting up printing, scanning and photocopy business since people will be photocopying and printing documents. Most police stations don’t have the machines to do the work yet they expect those arrested to provide printed, scanned or photocopied documents.


Another business to consider starting near a police station is a chemist. At the station, the police, those coming to see suspects and those arrested would need drugs. Most of them have small ailments like headache.

If you are medical practitioner, set up a chemist near a police post and see how you will quickly grow.

—–Boda boda business

Police stations are always busy and people coming there don’t have their own means of transport. A boda boda operated near the facility will not be making losses. Spend Ksh 120, 000, but a new boda boda and employ someone to operate near a police station.

—-Build toilets

Buy land near the police station and build toilets. I assure you, you will make good money by charging clients.

The toilets should also have a bathroom where people pay to take a shower.

—Sell mitumba clothes

Those from the cells would want to buy clothes from you, change the ones they were wearing in cells for them to look presentable.

You can also sell second hand suits to lawyers, police officers and those arrested.

—-Wines and spirits shop

Since wines and spirits shop is a legal business in Kenya, there is no crime setting it up near a police station. You will be surprised that most of your clients are those police officers in the station.

—Mpesa shop

You should also consider setting up Mpesa shop where you incorporate bank agency business.Mpesa should be your first priority because the traffic you will be get is enormous. You just need less than Ksh 150,000 to start Mpesa shop.

—-Sell samosa, sausage and smokies

Small business such as selling smokies, samosa and sausage is profitable neat a police cell. Capital of Ksh 10,000 to Ksh 20,000 is required. You will get not less than 50 clients per day.

—-Taxi business

There are people who will prefer using taxi instead of boda boda.You can capture this group by operating a taxi near a police station. Install Apps like Uber and Bolt.


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