Best side hustles that will make you a millionaire in Kenya 2024


There are a number of side hustles you can do in Kenya this year and become a millionaire. Even if you have a full time job, these side hustles will supplement your income and increase your chances of getting financial stability.

—Using your personal car as a taxi

Yes you have a personal car, but that car can also be used as a taxi especially when you are not using it.We have a number of Kenyans who do taxi business after work, before work and during weekends. They do the job as a side hustle even as they work full time elsewhere.

—-Run a YouTube channel

Create a YouTube channel, post videos and generate income. You can do the work during your free time, especially weekends and after work.

The good thing about YouTube is that you don’t need any capital for starting. Income is generated through AdSense and sponsored videos.

To start earning, your channel should have at least 500 subscribers, 4000 watch time in hours and should be at least 12 months old.

In Kenya, each 1 million views will generate an income of more than Ksh200, 000


Another good way to spend your free time is by blogging on your passionate topic. Create a blog, post content and link it to AdSense. With time, the blog will start generating income for you. Bloggers in Kenya earn money via AdSense, AdSense alternatives, sponsored content, affiliate income and direct banner ads.

—Sell items on social media

Sell items on social media like shoes, clothes and electronics. You can do it while in office working for someone. Create Facebook page where you share pictures of the items. Make use of Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and WhatsApp.

—-Become a broker of land

Market land for sale online and earn commissions. You can also advertise apartments for rent.

This is work you can do during your free time to help you earn extra cash.

Commissions from marketing land are decent. You can broke land of Ksh 10 million and earn a commission of Ksh500, 000.

—Offer tuition

During holidays you can start offering tuition in your home or a specific place where you charge some cash. There are millions of students who want tuition during holidays or after school.

For secondary school students, they pay Ksh500 to Ksh2, 000 per day depending on the number of hours you teach them.

—Guest posting

If you know how to write, offer guest posting for blogs and websites. Most blogs will pay you Ksh 1,000 to Ksh5, 000 per article. Contact various blogs in Kenya asking to write for them, some of them will give you work and pay later.

—-CV and cover letter writing services

Do you know even in this era of internet there are graduates who don’t know how to write a CV?Well,take advantage of this and start offering CV and Cover letter writing services. You will be charging at least Ksh 1,000 to write a cover letter. Some clients will pay even Ksh10, 000 for CV writing services.

–Start Airbnb Business

Start the business of Airbnb where you rent a house, furnish it and get clients who can spend there even for months. Airbnb is one of the most profitable businesses in Kenya at the moment.

Start with renting bedsitters because they are cheap. Later incorporate one and 2 bedroom houses.

—Sell Uji Power

Sell Uji Power during your free time and weekends. Later when the business breaks even, employ people to work for you.Uji Power is a new business that’s trending at the moment. You need a capital of Ksh10,000 to Ksh 50,000 to start the business.


If you have land, do some farming and earn money from your harvest. Grow watermelon, tomatoes, avocados, spinach, kales, cabbage and mboga kienyeji. You can also keep kienyeji chicken which do not require a lot of labour and attention.

—–Become a social media influencer

Create social media pages, grow them and start getting sponsored content. You can do all this work during your free time. You will have your own full time job as well as run your social media pages.

—-Do errands and deliveries

Buy a boda boda for deliveries and errands. Advertise your work online to get customers.

—-Loan money to your peers

Start offering loans to your peers and earn interest. Use some of your income/salary to start this side hustle. Later, you might even start your own mobile loan App.

—-Offer Web design services

There are many people who need web design services in Kenya. With IT skills or knowledge in web design, start offering the service. Clients can be obtained through referrals, social media or your website.

Web design services can be done during your free time.

—–Smartphone repair services

Nowadays people don’t have to travel to town to repair their phones, they can outsource someone online. Let it be known that you offer the service of repairing smartphones such that wherever your services are required, someone will call you to go and repair it.

—–Academic writing

Offer academic writing and data analysis services to local students and get paid. Statisticians and any other graduate can do this work.


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