Best towns & Cities to start business in Kenya 2024


Kenya has a total of 4 cities and over 50 towns. There are specific towns which are conducive for business. If you want to start a business, consider factors like climate, population, security, infrastructure, economic activities and financial capability of the residents. Below is a list of best towns & cities to start a business in Kenya 2024:


Nairobi is the capital city of Kenya and the most populated city. Money in circulation is high. If you set it up in a strategic location, you will make decent profits.

Here are some of the best businesses to start in Nairobi 2024:

  1. Airbnb
  2. Hotel
  3. Wines & Spirits
  4. Matatu business
  5. PlayStation
  6. Printing business
  7. Food delivery & errand
  8. Water refilling
  9. Grocery
  10. Chemist
  11. Club
  12. Fast food restaurant
  13. Selling Turkey clothes
  14. Car hire
  15. Selling Uji Power
  16. Smocha business
  17. Gym
  18. Milk ATM
  19. Hardware shop
  20. Motor vehicle spare part business
  21. Building rental houses
  22. Perfume refill business


Kisii is a populated town which is busy 24/7.There is a lot of money in circulation here.

Best businesses to start in Kisii

  1. Hardware shop
  2. Boda boda spare part business
  3. Selling water tanks
  4. Hotel
  5. Wines & Spirits shop
  6. Mitumba business
  7. Online taxi
  8. Agrovet
  9. Transport business
  10. Posh mill
  11. Hawking umbrella
  12. Buying vegetables, bananas and sugarcane and selling them in other towns
  13. Sell duvet and bedsheets
  14. Hawk umbrellas


There is a lot of money going to Eldoret.Since President Ruto is the president, majority of major projects are going to the city. The people have money in their pockets ready to consume.

List of best businesses to start in Eldoret 2024:

  1. Club
  2. Wines & Spirits
  3. Agrovet
  4. Boda boda spare part business
  5. Rental property
  6. Guest Houses
  7. Hardware shop
  8. Taxi business
  9. Buying a tractor for ploughing people’s land
  10. Car wash
  11. Garage

—-Kisumu City

Kisumu City has plenty of business opportunities for new entrepreneurs. The city is ideal for business such as:

  1. Water refilling business
  2. Hotel
  3. Wines & spirits
  4. Mpesa shop
  5. Boda boda spare parts business
  6. Taxi business
  7. Airbnb
  8. Grocery shop
  9. Coffee shop
  10. Perfume refill business
  11. Boutique shop
  12. Mitumba business
  13. Cereals business
  14. Hardware shop
  15. Garage
  16. Car wash
  17. Milk ATM machine
  18. Sell Uji Power
  19. Night club
  20. Guest House
  21. Butchery
  22. Chemist


Nakuru is ls also a busy city just like Kisumu. Life is generally cheap in Nakuru.There are a couple of businesses that perform well here.

One thing to note is that there is no sufficient water in the city. If you come to solve the problem of water, you will make decent income.

Best businesses to start in Nakuru 2024

  1. Water Refilling business
  2. Online taxi business
  3. Butchery
  4. Drill borehole and sell water to residents
  5. Build rental houses
  6. Do farming and chicken rearing
  7. Airbnb business
  8. Wines & spirits shop
  9. Jaba shop
  10. Grocery shop
  11. Hardware shop

—-Thika Town

Thick is adjacent Nairobi and one of the busiest towns in Kenya. It’s ideal for starting a business especially targeting students and those working in industries.

Best businesses to start in Thika 2024

  1. Grocery shop
  2. Online taxi business
  3. PlayStation
  4. Boda boda
  5. Chemist
  6. Fast food restaurant
  7. Printing, photocopy and scanning business
  8. Small hotel
  9. Wines & Spirits shop
  10. Water refilling business
  11. Mpesa shop
  12. Airbnb
  13. Grocery shop
  14. Mitumba shop like Think Twice


Mombasa CBD and Mtwapa are some of the ideal places to start business in Mombasa. There are more than 10 businesses to start in the city which are profitable. The list is as follows:

Best businesses to start in Mombasa

  1. Cake baking business
  2. Boda boda
  3. Tuktuk business
  4. Grocery shop
  5. Butchery
  6. Selling bottled water
  7. Milk ATM business
  8. Perfume refill business
  9. Mitumba clothes business
  10. Car wash business
  11. Chemist shop
  12. Airbnb
  13. Build rental houses
  14. Guest houses
  15. Wines & Spirits
  16. Sell Jaba
  17. Bar & night club


Naivasha receives a lot of people from Kenya and round the world. The demand for guest houses, food and transport is extremely high. If you are planning to start business in Naivasha, here is a list of the best businesses to start:

  1. Nyama Choma joint
  2. Guest house
  3. Bar & night club
  4. Grocery shop
  5. Online taxi business
  6. Mpesa & Bank agency business
  7. Hardware shop
  8. Boda boda spare part business
  9. Fast food restaurant
  10. Sell clean water
  11. Car wash business
  12. Chemist shop

If you start business in any of those towns and cities, be sure of making good profits.


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